My bags

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  1. [​IMG]
  2. What is that python clutch?? I love it! And I really truly love the Spy and that gorgeous Gucci bag!! :love:
  3. give us more info on the bags!!

    your spy is probably the only one that I REALLY really like, i love that color.
  4. Love the blue / teal bag, which designer is it? It is lovely.
  5. The python one is cynthia rowley, the white clutch is tory by trb (which is really my favorite), I use the spy as my everyday. The sparkly one was like fifteen dollars on sale -- and I use it for every wedding I go to (including my own). The Jimmy choo bag and wallet (which I used as a clutch) have seen better days.

    The Jackie 0 was my first designer bag!

    I have a few other cute ones that I will take pictures of!
  6. Love the spy bag!
  7. your spy is so pretty! and i really like the white clutch and the sparkly clutch. they're definitely my style :amuse:
  8. Love the colour on the Spy bag, and your Jackie O is such a cute, classic bag !
  9. ooo I love the Choo :biggrin:
  10. love your clutches, that's one type of "bag" i don't have.
  11. Love your Spy bag! Nice collection. Enjoy!
  12. Lovely collection Kam! I love your clutches
  13. Thanks for sharing....really loving the Spy.
  14. Ohhh:i Really Love Your Collection....
  15. I like your wedding clutch! So cute!