My bags..

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  1. Okey, pretty sceptic about this, but I have decided to show of my three bags. I don´t own any expensive bags. I would do anything for a red Chloé Paddington, but I can afford one in maybe 10-20 years, so stay tuned…hehe

    1: This one is purchased in a local supermarket. Jah, I know…but what people don´t know, right..hehe. This is the one I use for school everyday and if you can´t see the colour it´s army green. You can open it and you get to another layer and in there is a sipper, so this is what I would call a practical bag.

    2: My beloved bag. My first bag I ever bought myself. Cheap and from H&M. It did come in black, but I could only find a brown. There is a hoop on the straps with a key chain of some sort.

    3: This is the blue bag I mentioned in the present threat. The one my mother bought for me in H&M as a christmas present. I don´t have the heart to give it away, so I kept it. This is also a practical bag.

    mybags1.jpg mybags2.jpg

  2. Just want to add this one little thing.
    Now I actually feel very embarrassed that I posted them, when I see all the bags you people own. I actually notice a threat where a bag from H&M was a low bag to buy (no offence to anyone).
    Well, that’s what I can afford. Just want to set that on solid ground.

    If you guys had to be honest. Would my three bags be “real bags” to you? (The question is not a mad one. I just want to hear some answers to it) :smile:

  3. Hi Ronja,
    there is absolutely no reason for you to be embarassed about a thing. We're not here to judge, just to share each other's sense of style. You don't have to swim in a sea of high-end designer bags in order to be an equally respected and appreciated member of the community. :smile:
  4. I think any bag we purchase is special to us! If it wasn't why wasn't it returned??? So...please post more, I am just a bag lover no matter where it came from. Lets not forget that most of us have lived on a budget!
  5. Jah, I know…
    I never think that. Don´t really know how that happened. Usually I never care what other people think (about me), so I guess I just had a weak moment…
    I guess I´m one of the first to post bags likes this them, hehe :smile:

  6. I agree...
    Only one problem. It may come as a chock to many, but I only have 3 bags. Well I have a red Eastpack for school two, but we all know how one of those looks like... :smile!:

  7. If you like the bag and its special to you, post it! Not all of my bags are high end either. When I finally get a digi cam I'll post all of mine. Don't feel embarrassed at all!
  8. The brown one is special to me and I´m not embarrassed about that one. The other two is practical bags, so I guess I have for diffrent uses of my bags... :smile:

  9. My motto is: Any bag is a good bag. It doesn't have to cost a bundle to have worth. Enjoy your collection and thanks for sharing it with us!
  10. I have Coach bags and D & B bags and bags from Wal Mart, Penneys, etc. and I love them all for different features/reasons!:biggrin:
  11. no need to feel embarassed! you can find cute bags anywhere for any price :amuse: . your blue bag is really cute, by the way
  12. I agree! The bag I carried in high school cost $10 at an Army/Navy store in Maryland. I loved it :love:

    Thanks for sharing your collection, it's nice! :biggrin:
  13. #2 is perfect - but I am such a sucker for tassels!
  14. Cool bags; you've got a feel for color along with your practicality. Hey I wish I still had a pic of the neon blue Liz Claiborne I carried in school....I loved that bag...wore it completely out.
  15. Of course they're real bags honey!! Just like Vlad said, the point of this blog is not to judge others but to carry on about our shared love of bags.