My bags!

  1. Since I have figured out how to use the camera, I thought I would post.

    Disclaimer: The pictures are not very good. Also, my "collection" is not that colorful or exciting, but I like it. I may exchange my Muse for a different color as it looks quite similar to my Novak.
    black work bbag 010 (Small).jpg black work bbag 011 (Small).jpg black work bbag 012 (Small).jpg black work bbag 013 (Small).jpg black work bbag 014 (Small).jpg
  2. Very nice collection!
    Sorry we missed it and it took so long to approve it.
  3. You have wonderful taste! I love your LVs and your B-bags! Thanks for the photos!
  4. chigirl,

    i love them all.
  5. Very nice collection, love your B-bags
  6. Nice collection ... love:love: the novak! Now that I've seen the muse and novak side by side, they do look almost the same.
  7. GREAT collection!!!:love:
  8. nice!
    i agree .. you should perhaps change the muse for a different color. maybe a light colour?
  9. Chigirl, you have a great collection! Love those Bbags!
  10. Not a problem. I forgot I submitted my pics. :shame:

    Thanks for the nice comments!

    The color of my bbags didn't show so well. I may try and retake those pics. The "purse" style is caramel (in case anyone is interested).

    Also, one of those pics has the Gerard Darel but in the old leather. I haven't seen the new so wonder how different it really is!

    About the Muse, I may wait and see the new colors. I returned the tan muse because I got the caramel bbag and don't need two tan bags. If I can get a chocolate one, I may do that.
  11. fab collection
  12. I love your bags! I can see myself owning and using every single one!
  13. OMG! I never knew you had SO MANY great bags!! WOW!

    Thanks so so sooo much for sharing!
  14. Love the balenciagas!
  15. You have a fabulous collection! Quality bags!