My Bags!

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  1. These are my bags! :love:
  2. :amuse: supercute!
  3. great coach collection!
  4. Oooooh, you have the black optic lurex.....*drool*
  5. Nice collection
    I really like the mix in shapes and colours:love:
  6. I really like the large blue one, what's that called ?

    And your user name is really appropriate. ;)
  7. Nice collection. I like your gold satchel.
  8. Nice collection!!!:P :love:
  9. LOVE that gold satchel! :nuts: Great shape, fantastic color--how do you feel the fabric holds up to wear and tear?
  10. Great collection there :smile:
  11. I love the gold satchel and your gold coin purse on your keys! I wanted one:love:
  12. that gold satchel is GORGEOUS. your collection lives up to your username. :heart:
  13. Muchas gracias!

    My blue bag is my mystery bag & one of my favs! I purchased it for my 18th birthday at a Marshalls for $150. I've researched it and I've seen the same bag (but in gold) on ebay going for $350. I've also seen similar bags in different sizes, but never my exact bag so as far as I know I'm the only one in Miami with one :nuts:
  14. I love the satchel because it's a casual bag, but it's still glam. I would say the fabric is good, it's sturdier then it looks, my only complaint is that the material can concave a bit from wear so you need to watch it to make sure it keeps it shape (a problem I've never had with any other coach bags).
  15. I got the coin purse at the Outlet in Key West for $19. :nuts: :nuts: :lol: :weird: