My bags!!

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  1. This is a very funny idea!:nuts:
    At fist I was a little sceptic:suspiciou , but I have found it very rewarding an interesting seeing you bags:love: Now I wish more of you would post pictures of your bags. To be honest it is the pictures that makes this fun:P So girls, let’s post pictures:idea:

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  2. Wow! Very nice collection, Tintin. I have quite a collection myself but don't know how to post pics. Thanks for sharing.
  3. hey Tintin, very nice collection. I love that Damier Alma of yours!
  4. Is that a gold Suhali Le Fabuleux? I have a silver one...:nuts: I love your Paddington, and Roxanne :amuse:
  5. You are all to sweet:shame:

    Yes, it is a Gold Suhali Le Fabuleux:love:

    I also have a silver one, but I don't know if it is a real one. My father bought it on a auction and it was very cheap :nuts: (compared to mine). It has a small spot on the back but I love it and I don't really care if it is fake or not:amuse:

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  6. wow, silver suhali? I've only seen the gold! Wonder if it real....however, it is really nice looking:love:

  7. Maybe someone out there can help us:idea: It would be great to find out if it's a fake or not.
  8. Thanks for posting your gorgeous collection! Very impressive, indeed!
  9. Tin Tin, is that a choco brown paddy? :love:
  10. I think it might be fake. Its a very good one, but the hardware looks gold. If it is then it's not real - the real one has matching silver hardware. But it's still a beautiful bag - I'd give a few limbs for it.
  11. On a side note, I love your collection - another LV fan! :biggrin:
  12. How do you like your Damier Alma? Is it durable?
  13. Can I help you? You could send me pictures and I will post them for you. Another suggestion is to contact Vlad, I know for a fact that he can help you.
  14. Yes, I think you may be right. I have seen another Suhali model in silver and it had silver hardwear. Pitty thow, I think that the gold and silver contrast on my bag is it's best features:love:
  15. I love my Damier Alma:love: . It is proberly the bag I use most on day to day basis. When you include the shoulderstrap it is perfect. You can set it down and it will be standig. The two way zippers that opends down to the bottom makes the bag very easy to acces. The only downside is that when you put to many things in it the zipper gets a funny shape:lol: