my bags!

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  1. hey! so i finally have a cam now and decided to take pics of my bags! (i only have 2, hahahaha)

    i love my pirata zucca so much! i bought it at metropark, totally new to tokidoki, and didnt even think of print placement! and of course now that i realize, my print placement is AMAZING! the red-head pirate girl is right in the middle! and i love the pirate monkey and blue mermaid girl and theyre everywhere!!! i like wearing this one with my darker clothes :yes:

    and my amore gioco! i bought this from stephiee and i couldnt be happier! it has adios and ciao ciao right in the middle of the front! and there are lattes above the zipper and cactus dogs right under! then the back has the lovebirds, tribal flowers, and chili peppers! i love this bag!

    despite all the complaints about the gioco, i like it a lot! maybe im just crafty, but i have no trouble getting into it without a surface! hahaha. ive always been good with that stuff tho. i love the way its huge but u wouldnt be able to tell unless u held the bag. despite that tho i still love my zucca! these 2 r by far my favorite styles of bags! big, roomy, and stylish!

    i saw a girl with a citta BV, and i really like the BV style! im thinking maybe citta rosa on it, but i thought i may end my collection for here (or save up for something trasporto). anyway, i love my bags and here are pics! leave me feedback, or pics of ur own!:yahoo:

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  2. Beautiful bags! Good finds!
  3. you have BEAUTIFUL bags! i like your gioco since its got the lattes right on top! cute! congrats on your bags!
  4. great choices!
  5. I love your Amore!! I only hope mine will look as good!!
  6. Oo:huh:O:huh: very cute bags ^__^
  7. Great bags! I don't have a problem with my Gioco either :supacool:
  8. Cute! I just got my pirata bambinone today and I loooove it :biggrin:
  9. Ooooooooooh, I like the Pirata zucca!
  10. nice placement on the front of your pirata zucca and the front of your l'amore gioco!
    bastardino and polpettina :smile: :heart:
  11. Beautiful!!!
  12. your pirata zucca looks EXACTLY like the one I traded for the foresta zucca I got... I'm so tempted to get a pirata zucca now :drool: Congrats on the bags!