My bags are here....

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  1. I got the Medium Andrea Bruckner basketweave bag, and this bag from Via Spiga

    They are both black leather with antique gold hardware. Would you keep both, or should I exchange the AB for the white, since spring is right around the corner...Decisions, decisions. I needed a black bag so bad, now I have two...and I think I may be regretting the fact that they're different in their own way, but the colors are so much alike.

    Black AB

    White AB - small (I would get the medium

  2. Those are nice!
  3. The white AB is NICE!!!!! :nuts: Exchange it!
  4. I like the AB better in white! Congrats on your new bags!
  5. Isn't that white one lovely?? I need to find it in medium or large though...

    Also, if anyone owns an AB, doesn't it feel very light? Does this mean the leather is cheap and won't hold up? The leather on the Via Spiga feels better to me.

    It's probably not a bad idea to have two black bags though...I made such a big deal about getting them, I feel stupid.
  6. Very nice choices. Enjoy.
  7. I'm probably in the minority here on this blog, but I can't have enough black bags. They're all different to me, and I use them in different ways. Kind of like black pants for me....
  8. I like the lightness. My bag is big (bucket), if it were really thick, it would be hefty!
  9. If you want the AB then keep the black.. the leather isn't delicate.. although it is thin.. somehow mine got like a half inch slash in it.. luckily I can repair handbags so it wasn't a huge problem, but I was surprised, I've never owned a bag that actually got cut... I'd get the Via Spiga in the brown if you wanted the Via Spiga.. a lot of those details probably disappear in the black leather, whereas on the black AB, you can clearly tell its "woven" leather
  10. I *love love love* the white bag!
  11. I love the Via Spiga in brown, but black would be nice, too. On the AB I would definitely go with the white. Much better for spring, and what a fun bag!
  12. Thanks to all who responded. I decided to keep both black bags. I went home and put all my stuff in them and tried them on with different outfits and stuff, and I feel much better now. Maybe I'll run into another white bag that's just as simple.

    To Luna, you can definitely see all the details on the black Via Spiga, the gold gives it a nice rich look that can be dressed up. The braid on the flap is what gives it that exrta ooomph. Thanks for your input, I'm glad you were able to fix your bag.