My Bags Are Heeeeere!

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  1. Just opened my package with the 2 LVs I bought from let-trade. Very nice. The Onatah isn't as big as I thought it would be. And it's very orange! I will post photos a little later on. I just came home from work and I'm grubby. I'm meeting my hubby for dinner tonight so I'll take photos then when I look like a girl again! (by the way, if anyone cares, he'll be on the Tonight Show tonight with Rosanne Cash. He is the drummer.
    AND - does anyone else have the orange Onatah they can send me pics of so I can compare and make sure I didn't get ripped off?
  2. Congrats! :biggrin: Can't wait for the pics, the orange onatah is beautiful!
  3. OMG congrats! Enjoy your bags, they're gorgeous. How's the suede?

    I'll be sure to watch Leno tonight. :smile: Were you there?
  4. Oooh that's really cool that your husband is a musician, he must be gorgeous ! ;)

    I can't wait to see pictures of your bags !
  5. o0o0o0o, just love new LV stuff... can't wait to see it!!! congrats on your new BAGS!!!
  6. the suede is super soft. The dimensions are correct as stated on the US LV website. Curiously though, on the French LV website, the bag is 2" longer???? Thats what made me panic and want to see someone elses Onatah.
  7. I think he is! ; )
    And no I'm not at the taping (goes on in about 10 minutes) Had to work. But he's done all the talk shows and I've gone to a few tapings and it gets to be pretty boring. - lots of sitting around and waiting.
  8. Congrats!!! And your hubby sounds really cool!!
  9. I watch the Tonight Show religiously and I'll check out your hubby. Congrats on the bags! Be careful with it if you're going out tonight. I know the weather is horrible in SoCal too!
  10. The Onatah is sitting on my lap right now like a little kitten. It's raining here so it will not be making a debut tonight! How does the LV canvas hold up in wet weather?
  11. You might also want to hold off on debuting the monogramed bag as well. While the canvas itself is coated and water resistant, the straps are liable to be stained by the water. A lot of Louis Vuitton owners treat the leather straps so that they are water repellent, that way the patina will be more even and there won't be any unsightly and odd stains !
  12. Thanks! That could have been a disaster for me. Looks like it might be one of the vinyl Pringle bowling bags tonight!
  13. Is let-trade an ebay seller?
  14. Yep. Everyone says good things about him, I think SuLi just listed him in another thread as a reputable re-seller she's dealt with.
  15. Very neat re your husband! Congrats on the bags!