My bags and some xtras

  1. I mostly buy CHANEL costume jewelry and have collected pieces for years. Also, as far as the bags are concerned, if I get a new one, I have a rule - must sell one of the others. Another rule I have is try to never pay retail! I did just pre-order the silver Guccissima leather wallet at full price because I love the color. I also got an authentic Guccissima hobo off eBay that I haven't photographed yet..enjoy. Left to right Prada buffalo leather bag, CHANEL rabbit fur newsboy with tweed pin,CHANEL rabbit earmuffs (I bought these several years ago and will never buy fur again), CHANEL cambon bowler, CHANEL reading glasses, Gucci Pelham tote, Dior scarf and knit cap, CHANEL cambon slides, Louis Vuttion perfo speedy, LV Multicolor Cles, Kate Spade mod orange, CHANEL sunglasses. I am actually going to sell the CHANEL bag and the Kate spade since I have bought two bags in the past weeks :sad: <img src=" <A href=""><P><img">"><P><img src="">
  2. Welcome to TPF- very nice chanel jewelry collection
  3. congrats, what a nice chanel collection
  4. Thanks, I guess my bags did not upload properly. I am new to this. Tried the html bu it did not work :sad:
  5. <img src="">
  6. You need to use the IMG code not the HTML tag :yes:
  7. Lovely jewellery collection!
  8. Love the deer pin!
  9. VERY nice stuff!!!! :biggrin:
  10. very nice!
  11. beautiful collection!!
  12. OOOO! Beautiful collection!
  13. DELISH collection of lil jewels and such, that is SO cool. the bags are TDF. i'm in no way a chanel fan and that chanel in the middle is GREAT. lovely lovely.
  14. very very cute!