My bags and accessories

  1. Hello.
    This is my first post, hope i did it right.
    As you can see in the beginning I was in to Gucci, but abouth 1½ year ago i fell i :heart: with Louis Vuitton. I am never buying any other brand.
    But can't get myself to sell and of my Gucci stuff, as it is still my second love:love:

    More Pic to come
    Gucci.JPG Gucci 1.JPG Gucci 2.JPG Gucci 3.JPG
  2. This are my Louis Vuitton bags :heart:
  3. Great collection- love the CB Papillon!
  4. Fabulous collection!
  5. Thanks, i would like to get some more CB, but its hard to find in Denmark.
    I am also i huge fan of eyeglasses :yahoo:, when you wear them everyday you gotta have some to choose from.;)
    Briller.JPG Solbriller.JPG
  6. wow, amazing collection!!
  7. love your stuff too!!!! so now that you love LV, are you ignoring your Guccis? i sort of feel the same way with my bags, but I TRY to give each bag some attention...even though I only want to wear my faves!
  8. Great collection, those Gucci boots are killer! Love your eyeglasses, it must be fun to have so much variety.
  9. nice collection - those Gucci boots are fab!
  10. Thank a lot you all.
  11. I like those boots! Everything is so nice, congrats!
  12. Fab collection. I love your CB and Gucci boots, you have great taste.
  13. Your Ribera looks great with the Pastilles!! Great collection!!
  14. nice collection ... love the cb pap and ribera ... thanks for sharing!
  15. Birkasonne.. is that a playboy bunny bedding you have on there? I just noticed cause I was looking for one before.. oh and thanks for sharing! nice collection! :tender: