My "baggy" Christmas

  1. Don't worry no striptease here! Here's a pic of some of my early Christmas goodies: Ebano continental wallet and mini tote. The tote is great because you can adjust the handle straps to make it hand-held or shoulder. Given there's a lot of Tod's fans on the BV board too I also included the my newly styled D-bag. :heart:
  2. beautiful bags and wallet. happy holidays.
  3. Ooo! I haven't seen the mini tote in ebano. I have one in carmino that I love and was just wondering today if BV made it in ebano...
  4. Annie, happy holidays to you too! :yes:

    Ouija board, you're actually the person that inspired the mini tote! When you first posted your carmino tote I put it on my radar to think about. When I was scouting bluefly last week I saw the mini tote in ebano, and I remembered your thread. It works out great because it is flat, can be worn on the shoulder, and it is not too "big." Thank you!
  5. wow, eugin, that is one cool tote. i love the fact that it has adjustable straps. and that's quite a haul for christmas - enjoy your new babies in good health!
  6. Great haul, Eugin! You're going to have a goood Christmas.
  7. Wow, I didn't even know the mini tote comes in ebano!! love it!! The D-bag is nice too.:tup: Congratulations!!
  8. oh, eugin, those are yummy colors! i love the Tod's tote too. i've been eyeing it for awhile myself, it looks so classy.
  9. Eugin--glad I could help!! I love how versatile it is, and not being a big bag gal, it is the perfect size for me. Hmmm, looking at your pictures I'm really considering it in ebano!
  10. Happy Holidays and what great presents! The ebano mini tote is so beautiful and elegant. I love the continental wallet too. :heart: Tod's restyled D bag is a classic too. :love: Enjoy them in good health! :girlsigh:
  11. Eugin, nice mini tote and wallet! the tod's bag looks very practical and roomy.
  12. Good picks Eugin! The BVs are lovely and the D-bag would be a great roomy tote. Merry X'mas!!
  13. ACA: yes, the adjustable straps was a big draw since I have the alternative to do hand held or shoulder.

    Hover, Mid, Mystilleto: thank you for your well wishes!

    BlueGenes: I read in the gen section that you got into law school. Congrats! The D-bag could be very useful for all your books/papers.

    Sum and ms piggy: I mainly use Longchamp for work, but I wanted a different alternative so the D-bag being very roomy is definetely a plus!

    Oujia board: go for it! I have a carmino itch that keeps building up so I'm thinking of getting the mini tote in carmino since it's not too much "red" for me.
  14. congrats on your beautiful chrissie presents eugin!

    your choices are all classics...well done :flowers:

    happy holidays!
  15. Lovely bags Eugin! Love the wallet and Tods aswell. Many Congrats!