My bag won't sell

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  1. I keep having to relist my bag. The first time it sold but the buyer didn't pay so I relisted it. I have finally learned to lower the reserve price but if it doesn't sell today can I still offer it to the highest bidder? I basically just want to get rid of it.
  2. Why don't you just do an auction without putting a reserve then? Or sometimes you just need to be patient and list the thing couple of time till it sells.... Ebay can be pretty frustrating.
  3. Or do a best offer or buy it now with immediate payment required..

    And do agree you need to be patient.. ebay seems slow now for some sellers
  4. ^Sales seem prettly slow... all I get (if ever!) is lowball offers.
  5. Ok I will relist the item again and just be patient.

    Thanks ladies.
  6. Or why don't you wait a few weeks & then re-list..

    It seem to be slow now...
  7. I had a bag I relisted 4 times and no bidders! Finally listed it at a lower price and had several bidders and sold for higher than I expected. You can never tell when the "right" buyer will be looking for what you are offering.
  8. Slow is putting it nicely. Happy to hear its not just me :smile:
  9. I'm getting incredibly lowball offers too - <10% of original price...I'm tempted to remove the best offer option altogether. I would think people have more $ to spend with their new ebay bucks.
  10. It's not only you, sales on Ebay have been so very slow for me too over the past month. I get so many watchers and no bids. I think everyone is waiting to see if you lower the price, as many do.

    If my items don't sell this time around, I'll likely do as the other poster up-thread suggested and wait to re-list in a few weeks.

    Hang in there, everyone I know is complaining of lagging sales.
  11. IMO, a "reserve" is a turn off. I don't even look at these auctions. I don't want to have to guess what a seller's minimum price is.

    A regular auction or a BIN (with or without a best offer) would probably attract more interest. Good luck.
  12. +1

    Personally, I never touch reserve auctions. I know this is a different discussion for a different day, but I also refuse to play guessing games with a seller. Auctions with a BIN option are the ones I respond to best. Again, JMHO.
  13. I don't think anyone likes reserve auctions.
  14. I've had to re-list my items a couple of times too. I find that shortly after I do lower the price they sell. Seems like everyone is waiting for things to go lower!
  15. I'm a buyer and I don't like reserve auctions. I really don't mind auctions with a fair opening price on it. It keeps other bidders away sometimes and on the last day I can grab it up or get into a bidding war with a couple other buyers who are serious about the item. Most of the auctions that start out very, very low get bidded up that high by the end anyhow with usually many, many potential buyers and I always wonder how many are really serious about buying the item. I do BIN also. I just BIN a belt this am. It all depends on what people are wanting at the time I guess.

    As always, there must be great pics.