My bag transfers color!!

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  1. I'd dye my Navy Blue Marc Jacobs purse because it had several worn spots, I used a spray paint can, and they said (at the shoe shop) that it was all I needed to retouch the spots. So, I did dye the whole purse to have an even color, but now everytime I touch the bag my finger tips end up blue! I doesn't stop transfering the color to everything it touches the purse! I can't use it anymore! I've tried leather moisturizer, leather cleaner, moisturizer again, and nothing stops the color transfering!! Help please!!!! What can I use to seal the color!!! :sos:
  2. Oh my...I have no idea. I hope someone will have some ideas for you.
  3. did you try taking a cloth and wiping the whole bag thoroughly?
  4. you used spray on shoe-paint?
    maybe that is the problem there. it is not meant for the leather of your handbag. it is probably just sitting on the surface of the purse, rather than absorbed into the leather. it may be ruined. i'd contact a leather professional to see what can be done.
  5. I'm not sure spray paint is what should have been used. I'd post this in the MJ forum, I know some of the girls over there have experience with dyeing their bags.
  6. I asked at the shoe shop, where they take care of purses, jackets, etc., and they said that is the kind of paint they use sometimes for handbags. Everytime I wipe it, the cloth turns blue. I guess my purse is ruined.... :sad:
  7. I wouldn't ask a shoe shop how to dye a purse. Call the manufacturer for help with proper dye etc. I can't imagine spray paint would be able to penetrate sealed leather. Maybe a cobbler can strip the paint off for you.
  8. My advice? Don't go back there.
  9. One minute of silence to honor my good Marc Jacobs Bag.... Good bye bag... :cry:
  10. Try a cobbler before tossing it
  11. I'll try to save it!!
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    This is a website that may be able to help you.
  13. Thanks. I'll check it out!
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    This is my blue Marc Jacobs, it looks good, but whatever touches the bag gets a little bit of blue on it.... :sad: