My Bag today...

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  1. Silver Vernis Spring Street with Lavender accessories... and MC Coeur... fun!:yes:
    Post Silver & Lavender 001.jpg Post inside Silver & Lavender 003.jpg
  2. Cute!!
  3. wouldn't the spring street be to die for in Pomme??? I hate that they discontinued the style....
  4. Awww.... Vee. This is just the sweetest shades of pastel with a MC Coeur. Fresh Spring feel. Love how the chocolate of the Monogram makes everything pop. Yeah, it would be nice in Pomme, but then again, you have a seasonal collector's piece. Thanks for sharing your family portrait for this week.:love:
  5. beautiful pastels for spring Vee!:love:
  6. Beatiful Vernis Bag it!!!!
  7. I am loving the Lavender! Great color for Spring!
  8. Thanks ya'll!
  9. Cute!
  10. Your Lavender pieces are TDF!
  11. ahh lovely, LVoe the lavender! x
  12. the combo..can't believe how much stuff this little beauty can hold..
  13. oooh! i loooove those colors!
  14. Feel free to post your bags today... If you have your camera on hand!
  15. Very nice and cheerful.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.