My bag showcase

  1. Beautiful, you should do a you tube video!!
  2. wow...I love that red Chanel on the right in the back!
  3. Love your collection
  4. Hi all! I am new here and have always loved LV but never bought any. at Chirstmas my DH bought me my first. Brea Vernis Amarante MM. I he is now an enabler bit I am not complaining!! LOL! Here is my collection in 5 months..

  5. lovely collection
  6. Amazing collection!!!
  7. What a great collection! Love the Mirada bag. May I know what are the pros and cons with Mirada in your opinion? At the end do you get to use it often? Is it heavy and too thick? Also may I know why you've chosen Amarante than RF? Thanks.
  8. love the nappa metal
  9. lovely collection!!!!
  10. Thank you... I have no cons TBH. Its a lot lighter than the evora and amarante because it looks really luxurios against my skin. Its roomy enough to take all my essentials and then some.

    Your collection is beautiful... And in 5 monthd. Very well done!
  11. cute collection! love the lady dior and chanels
  12. Your bag collection is absolutely gorgeous! I'm especially fond of your LV's!
  13. My first posting on Purse Forum!
    I love your collection :heart:
  14. Ok died for the Celine bag..amazing! Also what is not to love about those stunning. Congrats!