My bag ripped!

  1. I brought my Transporto buon viaggio to the Boys Like Girls concert tonight, and there is a small tear in it because I had it over the barricade, so I think its from one of the crowdsurfers hitting it, I'm not sure. The tear is deep, I can see the orange interior. So what do I do, is there any place that I can go that will be able to fix it?

    And I'll upload a picture tomorrow or Friday.
  2. Sorry nothing you can do about it since Lesportsac doesn't have guarantee. That's one big issue with the brand bags :sad: I've come across many cases of zippers jamming and breaking, and I too have had a Lesportsac bag ripped, and another one melted while I traveled to a hot climate country! I contacted Lesportsac by mail and phone but never got an answer, not even to repair for a fee.
  3. You should contact customer service, or take it back to the store you got it from? when my OP mamma mia handle broke like 5 times, they kept giving me a new one. :smile:
  4. You're right! Take it back to the store as retailers can claim back their purchases from the manufacturer even though there's no warranty on the product. They will just replace your item. Also some large retailers work with their own tailors for amends. However if you have something unrepairable like fabric tear and zipper problem, that can't be fixed by the tailor who doesn't have stock of tokidoki spare parts.
  5. Wow, that sucks. I hope it all works out for you ):
  6. I got it from Macy's, so I don't think that they'll do it.
  7. Well you'll never know until you try, won't hurt a fly.
    You;ve got no choice, Lesportsac won't mend it for you so you'd be stuck with a ripped bag. Be quick though, how long is Macy's warranty? 60 days?
  8. I didn't think that they would. I posted this because I wanted to see if anyone else's ripped and if they were able to fix it at home. I just re-read my original post, and I didn't make that part clear enough.

    I'm not sure, I bought it on October 13th so hopefully I'm not past it. I'll clean it (it got filthy from the barricade) and bring it on Monday and say that it happened the first time that I used it.
  9. my sister works at macys and they are pretty good with customer service. i think if you took the bag back with the tags and receipt they'll somehow work out something for you
  10. OMG, I just realized. Macys has this 180 day return policy, 6 months!!! So, if you have the receipt and the tag, you can still return it!!! I know its horrible, if you just return and didn't mention the damage but alot of people out there do it. On the back of the receipt, without any satisfition, you can return it within 180 days with a receipt. I hope this works out for you.

    For sure, I know every macys is different! The macys that we both live near, is the Staten Island mall and their customer service sucks! Those bunch of women there are very snobby and they hate it when you have to return something. Try, hearld square, I think there much more nicer for some reason. Or maybe just return it and mention nothing of the damage. Well, good luck! :smile:
  11. I think I have the receipt, but not the tag from Macy's (I do have the papers about the qee). EVERYONE returns stuff after they buy it, I hope that they don't put the bag back out after I exchange it for a new one!

    I KNOW, I hate ours so much!! They're probably nicer there because of the tourists that come. I need to exchange it, this is my bag for CSI and my dance classes, so I need it for my textbooks and dance junk.
  12. I would return it and exchange it for a new one. I'm sure they would stand by the quality of thier products and happily give you a new one. As long as you have your reciept it should be okay
  13. I hope everything goes well for you. If they don't let you at the staten island mall, go to hearld square, some sales person might return it because their so ditzy to notice the damage or something. I do think you can return it because when I bought a pair of pants without the tag on it, they let me return it.

    To some righteous people out there, I don't think there is anything really to feel guilty about when you return a damage item to the store, it's macys fault for having this 180 day policy which I do love. Also, everyone does it, whether people deny it or not.
  14. I know!! I'm going to say that I bought it, took it home and took the tags off and then noticed the tear because I need to exchange it for a new one. I did find the receipt, so that's good. I'm going tomorrow to the SI one, and I'll let you know how that goes.