My bag options- first one I am buying myself

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  1. Okay- So I have 5 really great bags- but being I'm only 19. My parents bought them with THEIR money. Sure I worked for them- cleaning, etc. But it wasnt paid by a paycheck I recieved.

    My first paycheck is coming not next friday, but the one after that. I want to spend some of it, on a purse. :rolleyes:

    I Need something durable- something I can shop with, make short errands, etc. I two very diffrent sides of the spectrum ......

    Burberry medium tote- 350.00
    Coach Hobo Bag. Leather Brown. No "cc' on it 298.00
    Louis Vuitton Mono. Speedy 25 595.00
    Kooba Sienna 595.00

    I don't know which one will have the best quality. I know they are all diffrent- their styles are all diffrent.

    All are casual- and can be taken when needed to dress down- or Casual Dress up.

    All are Medium size- and can hold all my crap.

    All of them are casual- in the sense it's not a 'fad' purse and can be worn for many years.

    WHICH one would be the best choice though? Thanks!

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  2. I would go with the Kooba, especially since you are going to shop with it. Your hands would be free to look through the clothes, etc. Coach hobo would be my second choice.
  3. Kooba.
  4. I loves the kooba! especially in black!
  5. Lv!
  6. I think the Coach is nice. Plus the price is good, that way you can have some remaining money for maybe getting a matching wallet or something :smile:
  7. Kooba from these options :yes:
  8. i think every girl sould have a speedy, but my second choice is kooba.
  9. Kooba or LV depending on if you will need to be handsfree.
  10. Same here! And that Kooba in black is HOT HOT HOT! (I've got one in Desert and it's in very heavy rotation, one of my faves, holds a ton).
  11. i agree, every girl should have a speedy. i'm 19 as well, and my speedy has remained my fave!.. ok its pretty new, but still i lose interest quickly! but i still :heart: it and hardly ever touch my other bags now.
  12. My vote goes to the Kooba or the Speedy(I like the look for the Damier better, though).
  13. i like the Kooba!

    i am a huge fan of LV, and the speedy is a classic... so, either two would be a great choice.
  14. I have a very similiar Coach hobo and LOVE it, the leather is soft and luxurious. It's also pretty timeless and goes with everything, With that said, I would probably go with a Speedy though. I just got the 30, and love it ALOT.
  15. The Kooba looks the best, and so does the Speedy.
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