my bag obsession

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  1. Alright, I haven't got as many pretty bags as the rest of you girls, but I hope you enjoy my tiny collection. :shame: I'll add pictures of my Popincourt when I go home as well (Canadian weather makes me REALLY paranoid about taking it to school !).

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  2. Nice collection! I don't know what I like more the collection or the bedding.
  3. Haha, thanks, it's from Ikea ! :smile:
  4. Hey fellow Canadian!!! Great collection you got there!:love:
  5. Thanks, and when are we going to see yours ? :nuts:
  6. nice, i like the heart wristlet that from coach all so
  7. It's an oldish Juicy Couture wristlet, I can't remember what season though. I don't use it very much cause it's not too practical, but it's just too cute to sell ! :love:
  8. You have two items that I have wanted for a while - the Juicy Couture Heart, and the Straw Coach Tote.

    Very cute!
  9. Ooohhh.. I like the dark purple Coach bag!!! That bag caught my eyes awhile back too... :nuts:
  10. ayla,
    I see you are into Coach too! My very 1st designer handbag was a Coach. Although I don't see any bags from their winter collection I am tempted to purchase, I am hopeful they will regain their mojo and have some cute stuff for 2006.
  11. very cute!!!! :smile: great collection!
  12. chemlex: I got the Coach boxy tote for an incredible deal in September, 80$ at the outlet (my eyes almost popped out of their sockets !)

    Irissy: I love the aubergine :smile:

    baglady: Have you seen the large ski hobo from Coach ? That'd be pretty much the only item this season that I'd consider purchasing, the fish stuff doesn't do it for me !

    his_angel: thanks ! :smile:
  13. Hey, I noticed you have this little green baldy rocking dude in the back. I have a similiar one too!!! Ha ha ha... It's like all Asian girls have that rocking doll! :lol: :lol: :lol:
  14. >>I don't know what I like more the collection or the bedding.<<

    I was gonna say the same thing, I love that bear pillowcase the best!

    Oooh, and I also notice the Eric Lindros Rangers bobblehead doll too, are you a hockey fan? (I'm probably the only one here who would spot that! hehe!)
  15. Oh my god, haha.. yeah ! I love all of the hidamari no tami figures, just cause they're so happy and encourage me to work harder with their spirited nodding. :lol:

    I have a sakura coloured one too, but he stopped nodding after I dropped him a few times. :Push:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.