My bag karma lately...

  1. Dang I should be working on my thesis right now but this stuff keeps irking me. Last weekend, my SO went to pick up my teal day off the carpet and didn't realize it had long tassels. I hear it from the living room ... ssnnnnnapppppppp! :crybaby: He was really sorry about it too :heart:. And the "best" thing was, I had been restoring split tassels with so much care and glue for over two hours the day before (and if you knew me you'd be like :wtf::roflmfao:). So I took that tassel off and sacrificed my only replacement tassels. Wonder how long they're gonna last. No replacement tassels in teal at BalNY or anywhere else!

    Then as most of you know probably by now I am looking for a tuquoise '05 bag. I found a few and everytime there was something, like no int'l shipping or split tassels or over-the-top pricing. I don't want to spend $1500 if possible, I've seen them on eBay for $1100-1200. Now I might get one, a city, and just now I found out that I will get the dentelle speedy too when it gets in :nuts: So what do I do now? Now I suddenly can have both? I want to buy just one, both would be too much $$$ (and silly) considering we're going to Paris of all places soon.

    Then I went to a local Balenciaga-carrying boutique and asked about aquamarine, my third dilemma. The bit**y sales lady showed me some "bags". All were the giant hardware and I told her the giant hw wasn't my favorite. She went what's giant hardware? :cursing: She didn't know a single bag style, color, description, what aquamarine or a city was, and I had to tell her. They had no f*ing idea what I was talking about. At the end she went "you sure know Balenciaga" and I wanted to say "you sure do not" but what for. Didn't want to flood her in her feeble attempt to grow a brain :p Anyway, no idea about what if anything would be coming in. HOWEVER I saw the vert gazon brief (with giant hardware...) and the color's gorgeous!!! I'm so not a green person color-wise but it's fresh and striking. Wow.

    Sorry for the longest post ever and thanks for reading :love:.
  2. I just think that it's a classic case of not the right time so don't force it :yes: In the mean time drool over everyone elses bags and keep all bags away from your SO :rolleyes:

    Best of luck ;)
  3. Agree. Don't force the issue.. I rem I used to think of every distraction I could come up with ( rearranging photos/books/sewing on loose buttons/sharpening all my 2B pencils, etc) just to NOT have to hit the books. boy am I glad my gruelling time in the academic land is so over.. :wlae:
    hang in there, French Riveria (South of France !)..
  4. Yes, be patient and the right bag will find you!!

    I know what you mean about SA's. It is SO frustrating that we know WAY more information about their merchandise than they do - and it's like that for me with almost everything.. shoes, clothes, etc. If it's a department store where they sell many different brands of designer purses, forget it- they want to sell, and sell quickly to make that commission!! :cursing:

    Is asking for a courteous, knowledgeable SA just too much to ask these days?:confused1:

  5. OMG :wtf: I'm so sorry what happened with your beautiful teal day 'C' south..... - poor girl, I feel with you :crybaby: !! And I know the frustration about 'unknowing' SA's on the local boutiques too :cursing: - we all here on tPF knows much more about Balenciaga than some of the SA's on the shops :blah: !

    You'll visit Paris soon .... so wait and enjoy your trip :yes: I'm pretty sure you'll find something GREAT over there ;) !
    Best of luck :flowers: - take it easy :love:
  6. So sorry girl, but hopefully BalNY will have the teal replacement tassel for sale soon. Congrats in finding the turquoise 05 city, the color is stunning!! :yahoo:
  7. Thanks ladies, sweet as always... getting back to writing and letting the bag decisions rest for now! :winkiss:
  8. I'm so sorry about your bag difficulties, South-of-France. I have experienced the same thing before at boutiques, and it can be very frustrating. However, I don't mind a lack of knowledge at all, as long as the SA is nice (hope she was). Hope you'll find an aqua regular soon! :smile:

    p.s. Best of luck w/ your thesis, my friend is working on hers right now as well. You smarties!
  9. i'm so sorry u had to go through all that.....ur day'll come.... :smile: good luck