My bag is stinky!

  1. I hope this goes in the right thread. Mods please move if its in the wrong area.

    I purchased an authentic LV bag from a very reputable seller on eBay. It was shipped from overseas, and I'm in the US. The bag is in the condition stated, expect the fact that it smells horrible!

    It smells very musty, like it has been stored in a musty basement. I tried to "air it out", but no use, its like the smell is "one with the bag".

    The item description states no refunds, so not sure what to do.

    Help please!
  2. Try putting a bowl of baking sode beside your bag? for a few days and see if that helps...... that's how I remove odors/smells from my bag (skunk)
  3. You can try bag candies from They do a good job.
  4. bring it to any bag cleansing shop, they will do the job