my bag is ready my bag is ready!

  1. I sent my one and only chanel bag to be spruced up. they said it would be about 8 weeks. i got a call today and it's ready! it's only been about 3 weeks! woohoo! now i have to decide if it can wait about 2 weeks for me to pick it up or if i should have them messenger it to me tomorrow. i think messenger right? oh i am so excited!!! thanks for letting me share!
  2. Good for you.:yes:
  3. That's great news! :yahoo:
    I surely could not wait for 2 weeks, as in 14 long days, as in 336 yes: messenger!!!
  4. Yay, what great news! I would be too impatient to wait, and would probably messenger it haha :smile:

  5. Messenger it!! Make sure to post pix when you get it....
  6. I agree with fieryfashionist, I am wayyy too impatient to wait.
    I'm excited for you though!
    It's always the best to get something back earlier than you expect
  7. Congrats!!:dothewave:
    I would say messanger. I mean could you really wait two whole weeks for it to arrive!!
  8. yess have them send it to you!! ahh the wait would kill me!
  9. yipee! having it messengered tomorrow! not even sure what i was thinking about since if i took a cab either way there it would be the same amount! woot!
  10. shoot shoot shoot! i forgot to ask if it would be in a chanel box. i asked when i gave it to them and they said it would be ok. ah, i don't want to call back! do you think it will come in it without my asking?
  11. ^^call back and remind them!:yes: Can't wait to see pix!
  12. Woo hoo! What bag was it??
  13. my medium flap. they called me about something so i have to call them back. woot! a good excuse to ask. lol
  14. YAY!!!!!!!!! Congrats!!! :yahoo:
  15. Yay!