my bag is peeling... **cry

  1. the handle of my bag is peeling. it was bought in apr this year and i barely carried it (about 5 times?) and i baby it alot.

    i was upset when i saw the peeling off yesterday. what should i do? send it back for repair? will they charge me for that? Besides the handle, I noticed little peeling off on other parts as well.

    i am unhappy with the quality of the bag. none of my other branded bags behave this way. my burberry work bag and coach sling bag were abused and they show no tear at all.

    i thought to sell it off now and use the money for other stuff instead.

    **rant rant**
    peel1.jpg peel3.jpg
  2. dior bag is lousy wan? i just bought 2 romantique flap in less than a month .. dun scare me ... it just peeled automatically? :confused1:
  3. That's awful. Did you buy it at a Dior or departent store? If so, I would definitely take it back. I think most bags have a 1 year warranty (not 100% sure) so they should be able to repair or replace for you. You can try calling first to see what they say.
  4. purlin77, I guess it's my tough luck. Personally, don't think all Dior bags are bad in quality. Maybe they focus more on their classic lines. And yes, from what I see, it just peels off.

    kmrosko404, thanks for your thoughts. I bought the bag at a Dior boutique.
  5. dear orange,

    by the photo u post here; those kind of peeling is pretty's the peeling of the finishing happens not only to Dior (in my case it's a Gaucho), and also to my Bottega that has that kind of finishing.
    And u are right that Coach finishing lacquer is very very durable.
  6. huh .. dior finishing lacquer is not durable .. thats a terrible news ... paying so much for a product, and resultants in the horrible looking pealing ... that don sound good ... terrible news .... :crybaby:

    orangetree .. i romantique flap bags are not from the classic line .. same line as yours ... im getting scared now ... :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:
  7. hi febby, thanks for your reply. If it is normal to see such peeling, then I guess it is of no point to ask for help.

    purlin, don't worry too much. maybe mine is really a bad quality bag, but yours could be different! :smile:
  8. ohh .... well for me, i will not tolerate that on my bags ... i mean i paid so much for it... they are not chea... i will kick a fuss to the boutique for sure ...
  9. purlin, honestly I do not know which is the best way. hopefully nat or zero can pop by to advise further

  10. purl, but nothing is happening to your romantique babies , right? :confused1: i use my little mini romantique baby quite often when i go out and trust me it can take abuse ! i dont think anything bad will happen to it :yes:

  11. honey and if i were you, i would grab the poor bag, the receipt and walked in straight to the Dior boutique you bought it in and made a FUSS about it !:hysteric: thats the best way to make sure your Dior problem will be solved by them...and you shouldnt just leave it its absurd that its peeling after a few uses ...dont let them get away with it !:supacool:
  12. :confused1: i havent started using my baby romantique ..they are still sleeping in the box... i just bought it not long algo .. a month the most .... i hope nothing will happen to my babies ...

  13. your babies should be ok! mine is a tough cookie ! ;)did i miss you sharing the pics? or havent you posted your babies here yet? :graucho:
  14. Hi dear Nat! Thanks for replying. :heart: I think I will bring the bag over to the boutique this weekend and see what they say.

    Purlin, Nat is a BIG enabler here. Be careful!!! ;)
  15. err ... im an computer idiot .. i dun know how to post the bags ... i actually put a pic in my profile, but it is not showing .. i dun know why .....:crybaby::crybaby::crybaby: