My bag is only 5 months old =(

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  1. I bought my city in May and i rarely use it. This morning as I was looking for my phone, I happened to find cracks and a loose stitching! I baby this bag. Is this normal?

  2. Cracks can happen but I wouldn't expect them in such a young bag. I certainly would not tolerate loose stitching. You should contact your SA about this. Certain stores have amazing return or exchange policies.

    Sorry to hear about these issues. :nogood:
  3. One of my bags had loose stitching when I received it. However it was a color which was sold out and I doubted the Boutique would be able to replace it. I kept it of course and I fixed it myself. It was only one thread so ... Many of them have small defects but cracking I wouldn't like on such a young bag. Call the store and ask them about it. I hope they won't say you didn't take good care of it or anything. It always depends on the SA but you have to be persistent if you want to have results. I remember when I wanted to change one of my bags kept for 16 days. They said the policy was not to exchange after 15 days and they wouldn't. I waited for a week or so for them to "call" France (I live in Greece) and after the people had a "meeting about MY bag" imagine that, they said it was impossible as many days had passed. I called again shouting this time and said the real delay was their fault and eventually the exchanged it. So you have to be very firm if you want to have results. Good luck! However, about the cracks you may need to put on some Balenciaga nourishing cream which does wonders as some bags are really dry. I have used it on brand new bags like my Papyrus and my Blue Lavande which were very dry leathers.
  4. Contact wıth your store..
  5. I wouldn't expect this on a bag after only 5 months, you should contact the store.
  6. Thank you everyone! I called the NYC store and i was told to bring it in for repair. But since I bought it from NM, I may have to pay for the repair. Smh. I have to bring my bag to NM first and go from there.