My bag is lost!!

  1. So the Neiman Marcus package was "stolen" from my front porch. We just moved here and I am soooo sad b/c I never thought things like this would happen in this neighborhood. I am missing the city and my doorman right now. NM (Shannon) is being soooo nice and they said they will find me another bag. The thing is, I am now thinking that the bag isn't right for me. I feel bad telling them I changed my mind after all of this drama. Its the dark white soft vintage tote. I have the black one and love it, but the more I think about it, the more I realize I will throw it around and abuse it (like I do with all of my totes). I feel soooo bad telling her to find a different bag for me. Should I suck it up if she can find me another one? I hate being so indecisive....
  2. You could just say that since all of this happened. It took the excitement away from getting a new bag and you changed your mind.
  3. FYI... MY SA was VERY surprised that there was NO signature request on my package.. I cannot freaking believe this.... I have no luck and have already thrown a fit telling DH I want to move back to Manhattan...
  4. oh no thats terrible!
    Im surprized at how many packages get stolen from people's porches...
    its horrible!
    Good thing your SA will be finding you another one :smile:
  5. OMGosh!! Japs, that just happened to me --same tote but black not white!!!! What is going on! we are connected by some cosmic vibe!
    I waited for the bag for almost a month and got the run around from UPS ....bag never turned up.
    I felt the same way as you in the end. The whole thing just gave me a bad vibe on the bag and since I already had the burgandy one, I just opted not to get the black in the end...Luckily my seller has been a doll through the whole process. (My seller was a private seller not a store).
  6. Japs, I used to live in a suburb of NYC. Whereabouts are you? Did Fedex show delivery and that's how you deduced it was stolen?
  7. You know, I really wouldn't put it past the Fedex and UPS employees to steal packages when they see the return labels from high-end stores. I think there is a less of a chance of a package being stolen off a front porch and more of a chance of an actual employee stealing it, especially if signature delivery is waived.
  8. Very INTERESTING! I just had a buyer that I shipped a Pink Cambon Pochette to in San Diego...have the SAME thing happen! Now this is a little bit worse because am supposed to pay for the lost bag?:wtf:

    The bag was DEFINITELY delivered on August 19th...she says there is no bag...she lives in an apartment complex & the building nor the post office are taking ANY responsibility! :rant:

    What do I do? She didn't ask for insurance & it states on all my auctions that insurance is optional if the buyer pays extra for it...

    Sorry to rant, but do I have ANY recourse???

  9. Kristy, you probably have no recourse if the buyer didn't purchase insurance. I hope she is being truthful and is not pulling a scam by saying the bag was never delivered yet she has it and is trying to get reimbursed from you. This is what I hate about ebay. Even if you have a clause in your auction that states you do not accept responsibility for lost or stolen items it doesn't always work in your favor. If she paid by Paypal and files a chargeback, you could always furnish to Paypal the PO receipt, delivery confirmation slip, and a print-out of the delivery confirmation date on the USPS website, as proof that you honored your end of the contract.

  10. Long Island now (not feeling like home here :crybaby:
  11. Aw, LI is nice, but not when your Chanels go missing! :censor:

    Maybe this is a good time to make "friends" with your neighbors. Throw a block party and see if anyone shows up toting your Chanel!
  12. LOL!! Good idea!! Too bad this is labor day weekend already.. I guess I need to be on the lookout for a darkwhite... If anyone has one, I'll be sure to ATTACK!!
  13. OMG J! i am so sorry. Why do bad things always happen to the sweetest people?:sad:
  14. :hysteric: Thanks SO much for the advice...that was my first thought! That she got the bag and is reporting that she didn't! I have all the tracking info and receipts...and I have spoken to the other post help! Anyway, thanks for responding...I will let you know what happens!

    I feel for you guys who didn't get your bags sorry to hear that! K~
  15. I now require insurance because Paypal sides w/ the Buyer 100% of the time if they claim they didn't get it.
    All my auctions now include insurance, I had to jack the price up of my shipping because of it : (