My Bag is in The Nordstrom Catalog! Good Thing or BAD?

  1. I just got the Catalog and My EXACT Modern chain bag is in it! My Baby is famous...Acutally does this mean that I am going to start seeing my bag EVERYWHERE? I mean, I dont care because I love my bag regardless. BUT when it is in a Dept Store catalog does that mean they produced more of that bag then usual?

    I'm just Obessing again!:wtf:
  2. I can't answer your question about your bag's production but I will say this... YOUR BABY IS A STAR! So, yes, I think you might be seeing more of her!:p
  3. Relax! It just means that your baby is very desireable. And don't worry if the same bag will be poped all over since its price will be its own obsticle.
  4. I think the bag is in there to get the recipients into the Nordy's store. In sales, the object is to make contact with the customer. Even if the merchandise is not in stock, a truly good salesperson will sell you something!
  5. nah chanel wont make more of one bag just because Nordies has it in its catalogue. if anything it'll already be sold out because it is a popular bag

  6. Thats true, I rememeber when I saw the Hottest Shoes in Neimans book and I called to order. They were totally sold out on the shoe. I remember thinking to myself, I just got this fricken thing in the Mail how can they be sold out!

    Oh Well, my baby is Famous...tehe:supacool:
  7. The Modern Chain is pretty much sold out of Nordstrom's inventory as far as I know. Only four stores out of the entire Nordstrom chain have a Chanel boutique, and buyers only order a few pieces of each style and color. Often there are wait lists a mile long for desirable bags, and the price is off most consumer charts anyway, so you should be fine!
  8. Don't worry. They just want to showcase certain items but not everyone is in the market for Chanel.
  9. I agree. If it brings someone into the store, that's already enough even if that item is sold out because that person will probably stick around to look at other bags.
  10. Its just a carrot!
  11. Your baby is famous (like Chanel isn't lol), but don't worry, it just mean that more people will recognize your bag when you tote her around :graucho: