My bag haul

  1. I was at the Boca Town Center yesterday and I got a Black Botkier Crosby at Nordstroms and then went to Neimans. They are having Presell right now a on a few bags. Mainly Mulberry ( looks like that Neimans is not going to carry Mulberry) and Kors and Isabella I fell in love with a Mulberry feedbag that is small and I got it in brown - I begged the SA to give it to me now as I am going out of town on tues- friday -- it def is good to shop with the same SA all the time. She let me have it:smile::smile:):smile:
    I also got a black Anna Corrina bag which was not on sale..
    All in all it was a great haul :smile:
  2. I'm green!:greengrin:
  3. Congrats! Any pics, please?
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