My bag has arrived! It will be here in time for my birthday!

  1. I'm so very excited!!!! I decided to call and check and my birkin has arrived in Paris! I was hoping it would be here by Christmas, but now my sweet husband doesn't have to worry about a birthday present for me. Yippee!
  2. How exciting!
  3. Oooh! What are you getting?
  4. :yahoo:Yay! How exciting!!!!!! Can't wait to see pics when it arrives!:yahoo:
  5. a gold 35 birkin with gold hardware. I know it's a bit more of a summer bag, but still can't wait.
  6. no that will be beautiful with all black for winter too!!

    so your order is in .....

    when I was in Paris and bought a bag they shipped it and it came overnight!
  7. Congrats!!

    This will be a Birthday to remember!
  8. That is awesome news. Congrats and Happy B'Day!!:balloon::yahoo:
  9. I do wear a lot of black, and you're right, I bet it will look nice like that. It was not in stock when I was in Paris. I ordered it at the store and now it will be shipped...if the order fax ever arrives!
  10. Thank you! I am really very excited. Nothing excites me like a birkin
  11. congrats! if you don't get the fax call again! they are probably closed now right?
  12. Happy Birthday and congrats! 5 weeks is a good turnover.
    BTW, are you the "audrey hepburn" that posts on TWOP?
  13. I am only Audrey Hepburn here. I wanted to be Holly Golightly but it was taken.
  14. That's fantastic. Can't wait to see pictures. Happy Birthday!!
  15. happy birthday...what a great birthday present!!!!