My bag got hated on

  1. Last week I told my friend that I got the Gucci belt bag in rose, and I showed her a pic off the TPF because I hadn't taken one of mine yet.
    My GOOD friend then goes on to tell me that its tacky, tasteless, fugly and looks cheap! I thought that was so harsh! Now she asked me to come over this weekend and not to bring that bag cause "She's not feeling it".
    Im glad she's honest with me as I am with her most of the time (lol), but the way she said it was a little insulting and rude. I happen to think it's cute and obviously I know its not an everyday bag.
    Have any of you ever been told that your bag is ugly by a friend or a stranger? How did you take it?
  2. Sounds like your friend is jealous. If she doesn't want your company if you bring a certain bag she's not a very good friend, kwim? Luckily this hasn't happened to me yet. Luckily my friends/fam tend to keep negative opinions to themselves.
  3. I've been told basically that one of the bags I was carrying didn't have any personality at all. Or words to that effect. Since it came from a total stranger who also happened to be an artist (I was at an art show) I really took it hard. Considering myself an artist and all. Since then I've looked at the bags I may want to have in a totally different light.

    Coming from a friend - I think I'd be really hurt; since her criticism was so harsh, I'd have to look behind the words and see what her problem really is. To ask somebody not to bring an item over because it bothers them is freaking weird.

    I think she's jealous. Tell her if material things bother her that much, you're not coming over. It's an inanimate object, FGS.
  4. If I don't like a bag I tell honesty, but I'm afraid your friend is jealous about your bag.
  5. That would bother me if my friends were to say that to meto my face. Usually if I am carrying a new handbag and I get no reaction or response to it, then I know that they may not like it but they would never say they hated it. But if I like it then I will keep carrying it no matter what. Enjoy your bag and if you like it then that is all that matters. :tup:
  6. That's awful. If I didn't like my friend's bag, I would keep it to myself.
  7. My boyfriend thinks most of the bags I carry are ugly and a waste of money. *L* It doesn't bother me though, because I know that he's a guy and he just doesn't "get" the whole purse thing.

    It's fine that your friend doesn't like your purse, and is honest with you about it, but telling you not to bring that bag when you come to see her is going too far, in my opinion.
  8. I think that her comments were spiteful--definitely not something that I would take kindly coming from a good friend, or really anyone. Tell your Gucci that I think she's beautiful!!:smile:
  9. WTF.. your friend is a little dramatic.
  10. You know your friend is better than the rest of us. Is she always this harsh, towards everything? If so, then that's just her personality to be overdramatic in her opinions. I have friends who have expressed that they don't like my bags, but they have always done so kindly, such as "it's not really my style."
  11. That's really strange your friend would do that, is she always so blunt?
  12. I'll be honest with my friends if they ask my opinion about their bag....but in a polite way, "it's not really my style".

    For her to tell you not to come over to her place with your bag is extremely childish and distasteful.
  13. If a friend asked me my honest opinion and it wasn't my style, I would simply say that. I would just say, "It's not my thing, but if you like it, that's great!" What you're friend said was just plain mean! I agree with everyone who said she is probably jealous. That would explain why she told you not to bring the bag when you come over. She doesn't want to see the bag that is making her green with envy!
  14. your friend's being overly dramatic but i also don't think that if someone doesn't like something and says it, it means they're jealous :rolleyes: that's just silly. people can dislike things without having an ulterior motive.
    was your friend overly dramatic? yes. harsh? yes. so next time she buys something you don't like, don't mince your words.
  15. Sorry, but that's just weird.
    From what you shared, your friend is the tacky, tasteless, fugly, cheap looking one: Not your new bag;)