My bag got felt up today

  1. This guy that works at my company but at a different location was at my office today and spotted my legacy whiskey shoulder bag and came up to it and felt it and commented on how it felt like a baseball glove. It didn't bother me, the guy is really nice but a manly guy so it kind of surprised me that he even noticed it. Just thought I'd share as it cracked me up a bit.
  2. Too funny! :roflmfao:
  3. That is really funny. :lol:
  4. Some guys actually pay attention to the things we carry or wear (including shoes). It's always a nice surprise to find out that someone appreciates how much effort we put into the whole outfit thing. LOL
  5. That's sooo funny! Unusual for a guy, still funny none the less. lol
  6. I have this one guy in a few of my classes who ALWAYS comments on what I'm wearing or how I look. It's not in a romantic way or anything, but he always tells me that I look nice. The other day I was wearing a new tank top from Old Navy and he goes "Oh Laur, that's a cute top...did you get it from Old Navy?" I'm wondering if his girlfriend shops there because he recognized it right away. Some guys just always notice stuff like that. It's nice to be complimented!
  7. ^ Lol... the most I ever get from my lab partner (a guy) is "Hmm... You look different today..." That's his way of saying "You look really nice today"... AHAHAHA... boys... jk...
  8. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    I'd be honored if anyone "felt up" my bag. Too funny! ;)
  9. lol thats funny. XD A baseball glove, eh?
  10. Aww, that's nice he noticed.

    Funny that he compared it to a baseball glove.
  11. :roflmfao: I love the title of the thread!
  12. Definitely a front runner in the "best title for a thread" contest! Cute story too!
  13. haha, that's cute. lol!
  14. That's so funny! I met my boyfriend online and once mentioned my addiction to a certain brand of bags. The first date we had he noticed my Legacy satchel and mentioned it was really a nice looking bag! I knew he was a keeper at that point :yes:
  15. Here's an excerpt from the story of Coach found on Your friend was actually recognizing the very thing that the founder of Coach felt:

    "The founder of Coach was first inspired by a baseball glove when he saw its distinctive markings and how supple it became with use. After refining it, making it softer and stronger, he created Coach's first handbag. Since then, innovations in leather finishes, new grains and colors, and modern materials continue to fascinate us. But this glove-tanned leather remains a Coach tradition. And it still burnishes as beautifully as it did back when Babe Ruth played baseball."