My bag finally arrived :D - Spearmint Blake

  1. it's gorgeous! I posted in the Authenticate me too but i think its real! :smile:
  2. Very pretty! I looked at your pics, and I say real. Congrats!
  3. woohoo! Thanks :biggrin:
  4. Ohhh. the color is TDF!!! Awesome choice!!! You found that in eBay, didn't you?? :graucho: I was drooling over that one too!!!

    Enjoy it!!
  5. Gorgeous! Congratulations!
  6. I love the color! Congrats!!
  7. I saw a sprearmint sofia IRL, that is a stunning color! Enjoy (I am sure you will!)
  8. thanks girls, now i need to buy a new coat! lol, I guess black :s lol
  9. Oh I adore spearmint, it was the color of my very first MJ! congrats!
  10. The color is great! good enough to warrant a new coat. Woohoo, more shopping!:yahoo:
  11. Love it! I have the same in an mossy green with blue suede lining. It's the best!

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    MJ Blake in green
    Black Miu Miu Coffer
  12. Ohh I love it! Congrats! I got a spearmint Multipocket last night. The color is sooooooo gorgeous!!! Plus the Blake might just be the greatest bag ever. :smile:
  13. yeah i saw its sooooooo pretty! my next purchase will be the venetia, not sure which colour yet though :S lol
  14. Congrats! It's sooo pretty! Now I definitely need to add a Blake to my To Buy List!
  15. We're twins VenetiaWanter!! I have a Spearmint Blake too. Congrats!:yahoo: