My bag dilemma....


Nov 6, 2005
ok, I now have too many bags and my cc is racked up to the hilt and dh is pressuring me to sell something, anything lol!

I don't want to sell any, I like them all too much.

I can't sell my red because red accessories are my "thing". That's my number one bag.

I don't really want to sell my pewter hobo. I love the color but I wish I'd bought a city instead. The pewter is so molten metal, liquid mercury. Love the mauvish undertones.

I just got a beautiful ink. I like ink almost as much as red....

And then there's the whiskey Chloe coming this month...

Every time I sell a bag I want it back. Anyone else do that?

Cheers, Carolyn


older, not wiser
Dec 16, 2005
Sunspark - I find I have short-bag attention span issues. My hubby is funny because he knows that I tire of most of my bags quickly so if I can sell them on Ebay for at least 3/4 of the original price he is okay with it.

So far I have not felt guilty about any of the bags I have sold because I am so happy with the bags that have replaced them.

Good luck with your Pewter City search - I have become obsessed with eggplant right now - ALTHOUGH - did you see the 2004 Anis City that dudeiloveyou has on Ebay right now. :amazed: I don't even like yellow but that color is so rare - and the leather looks amazing.

I say sell the hobo (pewter) then when you find the City you won't feel bad about it.

Does your hubby have a money-draining hobby? It always helps when you can point out how his toys cost more (or the same). :amuse:


Jan 17, 2006
Noriko said:
Thats why I've never sold anything, I don't want to have seller's remorse :sad:

I didn't sell, but gave my niece my Mono Speedy 30 to her because I thought I was over it and I replaced it with a MC Speedy anyway. So, now everytime I see her with "my" bag I regret it :cry: ....I figured at least it went to a caring and loving home!


Plisse Me!
Feb 4, 2006
I never sell mine either. I figure it's better to deal with buyer's remorse than seller's remorse!

I know this sounds crazy but when I must have a bag, I end up budgeting less money for everything else... e.g. food takes the biggest hit all the time. Before when I was in college, I would just eat ramen for 1 month, but now, I will just not go out to eat and save that money for purses instead! :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: Typically, the hubby doesn't notice either since he likes my cooking. I consider a tip to the chef!