My bag collection

  1. Here are a few. I will continue to update as I get more pictures.
    Chloes2.jpg Guccis2.jpg YSLs2.jpg
  2. Love the floral Gucci horsebit!
  3. Beautiful collection!!! You have great taste!!! Thanks for sharing!
  4. nice collection :yes:
  5. very nice your chloe. thanks for sharing!!
  6. I love your chloe. Beautiful!
  7. Love your chloes! The leather looks TDF!
  8. Love Love Love your collection!
  9. Great!
  10. Lovely collection
  11. OMG!!! I love your Mombasa's!! I've been looking for one for like - FOREVER!! And you have 3!!

    Great collection. Thanks for sharing.
  12. you have some great bags. thanks for sharing.
  13. Oh thank you so much my fellow bag lovers. :heart: :love:
    There are so many bags and so little time (not to mention $$)
    I have to figure out how to resize the photos but I'll put up some more soon.
  14. Lovely collection, congrats!
  15. Very nice! Love them all - you just made me want a Chloe!