My bag collection 2016

  1. Helloooooo everyone!

    it's been four years since I last posted a picture of my collection- so much has changed, I sold many and bought many. I love bags, I collect them and take my time whenever I buy a new one. I do intensive research on style, history of brand and leather type. I make sure that every bag suits my lifestyle or at least adds a purpose to my life. I am posting a picture only of the high end brands... I have plenty more high street or brand-less bags that I also love using.

    My latest purchase: Mini Micro cannage Lady dior
    My most loved: Chanel boy bag
    My most used: Speedy 35 and
    My least used: Chanel Jumbo
    What's next: Hermes Kelly in taupe/ White Saint Laurent/ Vintage Chanel Backpack

    Let me know if you have questions about any- Also I am looking to sell my Jumbo and Gucci boston- any suggestions as to where I can as I live in Dubai?

    Thank you wonderful people!!
  2. Impressive collection, especially the Chanels. I sell all of my closet stuff online. You can also try consignment stores locally.
  3. I have the leopard Miss Sicily as well! Glad to see its getting some love great collection!
  4. Stunning collection!
  5. Great collection, especially the Bal - the colour is so eye-catching! hat colour/year was it from?
  6. thank you so much! I bought it back in 2009- Fuchsia I'd say? I have no idea's my only Bal purchase, x
  7. I am currently building my own collection & i love how you have most of the pieces i want to add :smile: I need to get my hands on a mini alma & mini dior
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  8. I love this! Some very unique pieces here. Lovely to see :smile:
  9. woohoo!! it's a lot of fun but a lot of hard work too- especially the googling and research haha, as well as chasing in my case. Good luck with your collection :smile:
  10. Lovely bags 😍
  11. Gorgeous collection. I like how you mentioned your most used bag/least used bag/what's next, etc
  12. Great collection! :biggrin:
  13. I'm really curious about your Speedy- are those pins or stickers? :smile:
  14. Really really GREAT collection! the variety....especially your Bal, Celine & Chanel....oh & your Dior too
  15. Love the colorful group photo.