My bag came!!

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  1. The bag I ordered from bluefly came. It looks good to me, pretty sure it authentic but of course I want a second opinion from you ladies. I love it! Tell me if ya like
    gb1.jpg gb3.jpg gb4.jpg gb5.jpg gb6.jpg gb7.jpg gb8.jpg gb2.jpg mg2.jpg
  2. What a beauty. Enjoy and Congrats!
  3. That was fast delivery... great bag
  4. Aww.. it's lovely !
  5. great bag...congrats!!!
  6. It's a great bag, congrats.
  7. love the lining!

  8. yes! i thought it was funn
  9. I think bluefly only had authenticity issues w/ balenciaga. That is very nice! I love it.
  10. It's beautiful - Congrats!
  11. congrats , lovely style
  12. Beautiful bag! Congrats.
  13. Love it - Congratulations!
  14. congrats!!!
  15. it's really pretty, congrats!
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