My bag came in used and damaged condition!

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  1. I recently purchased this MJ Pompom bag from eLuxury


    when i received it, it was USED and returned :amazed:
    -scratches on the magnetic lock
    -something sticky/food(?!) on the magnetic lock
    -scratches on the leather
    -DEEP and shallow scratches on the nickel balls from the hanging straps

    what a horrible person to SERIOUSLY USE it and return it. ugh.. eluxury needs to examine their bags more carefully

    after MANY MANY emails, instead of returning the bag I was offered a $50 giftcard to eLuxury and refund on shipping($20). is it worth it??? considering I paid about $800... :\

    anyway, i must return it.. right?
    does anyone know where i can find another one? i'm so sad... and MAD! >:[]

    (double post sort of. sorry. the yay/nay thread is not related anymore and it died.)
  2. Damn, I would NOT accept just a gift card...they send a pre-paid label right? Just write them a letter and use the label to send that POS back. I'd want them to give me the gift card too, just for the rudeness of sending such a bag and then not wanting to give me a new one or offer me a refund:suspiciou :evil:
  3. this is why i hate buying bags via online :suspiciou ..:evil:
    they sometime just dont care how we feel :evil:
  4. Oh my gosh,
    I would so return it and get a full refund. That was completely wrong of them to ship a damaged item to you. I know its frustrating to have to wait for another bag. But for the amount you paid it would definetely be worth the wait. Im sure all of our forum members can help you find another.
  5. I agree. Send it back and tell them you want the gift card for all yoru trouble. You should be refunded in full (shipping, tax, everything) for a damaged item.

    After you ship it back, fax them the receipt for the shipping and have them credit your CC w/that amount too!!
  6. No way would I accept the bag. I would demand a full refund with shipping covered on their end, and on top of that, the $50 gift card. That is highly unacceptable!
  7. What she said. :P

    That is BS - zappos did that to me with a pair of boots and then said they would not accept return because they were used, yeah NO s**t Sherlock, they were used that is why I was sending them back. In the box was even the return paperwork from the original owner - mmmm- I was pi**ed.
  8. Do they not have another one in stock?
  9. no and they're not getting any more:sad:
  10. Wow i can't believe they did that to you, how horrible! Hopefully you gave them a piece of your mind! hehe
  11. How disgusting! I don't understand why online companies are so liberal with their return policy! And don't they inspect the purses as they come in?! I would be furious if I ordered something off eluxury and got sent a POS.

    Definitely RETURN it and KEEP the gift certificate for their oversight!
  12. they sent me the gift certificate by email, so I have a code to use.
    would they/could they take it back when I return it?
  13. ^^ they might be able to invalidate the code on their end, if it was a special code only for you.
  14. i agree totally get your money back! i can't believe them... giving you a used bag!!! :blink:
  15. this was the email:

    Welcome to the world of eLUXURY. ELUXURY has purchased an eLUXURY Gift Certificate for you. This gift certificate can be used to purchase any products found at Save this email; you will need the code below to use your gift certificate.

    Gift Certificate Code:

    To use your gift certificate, simply make your selections from the site, enter the gift certificate code on the Shopping Bag page, then proceed with Checkout. Your gift certificate will be applied to your order and any remaining balance will be maintained as an eLUXURY credit.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need further assistance.