My bag "brood"

  1. Hello everyone, I was oogling everyone's amazing bag collections so I decided to share my own very little brood...

    The 1st pic was during my Kate Spade rage (late 90s-early 00s) :shame:
    - KS evening bag, black Sam bag, 1 large blk messenger + 2 small messengers in blk and columbia blue, KS nylon bag w/vachetta leather trim, 1 beige bag (name?), + Jack Spade weekend tote.
    The 2nd pic is my Coach collection:
    - Periwinkle small backpack, Evening bag w/rhinstone buckle, +coach wallet. Also included is a Banana Republic croc-embossed leather clutch.
    The 3rd pic is of my Gucci collection:
    - Black medium horsebit hobo :heart: , 85th Anniversary edition guccissima boston bag in "rusty", +Jackie O
    The 4th pic is of my newest aquisition :yahoo:
    - Timeless classic Chanel clutch in dark navy lambskin :love:
    The 5th pic is of my 2 Coach sunglasses.
    Missing is my Fendi bag, 2 Coach wristlets and another small Coach bag.

    :winkiss: I'd really love to get my grubby lil mitts on a Hermes Birkin and Kelly though !!! :drool: :lol:
  2. I :heart: your GUCCI's! Great collection. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Aww.. how cute is that Chanel clutch ! Lovely collection ! :yes:
  4. Very nice collection! Thanks for sharing.
  5. I like your Chanel a lot. Great collection.
  6. Lovely collection, love your CHANEL :heart: .Thanks for sharing.
  7. I LOVE your Guccis!!
  8. Great collection! I love your chanel clutch!!!
  9. beautifuel chanel clutch!
  10. very nice!
  11. i LOVE your chanel clutch!!!
    i'm curious of the price though... LOL
  12. i LOVE your chanel clutch!!!

    i'm curious of the price though... LOL
  13. Great collection!

    Your dog is adorable, btw!
  14. nice collection, love the chanel clutch
  15. Lovely collection. :yes:

    I also particularly like the Chanel Clutch. :heart: