My Bag "broke"!

  1. For my birthday on April 11 my little brother surprised me with a large signature large black COACH hobo. I'm normally not a fan of COACH, but I really loved the boho vibe I got from this bag, and I absolutely love the braided strap and sharp silver hardwear, the touch of suede on the sides and top of the strap - I just really like the bag. I never really used it until I went on a business trip to Chicago 2 weeks ago, and that's when I really just fell in love with the bag. I came home from my trip and switched back into my Balenciaga, and put the black hobo in the closet until yesterday, when I decided to switch into it for the day. All went fine until I got home and coincidentally, was reading this forum when I decided to look over my bag, for whatever reason, and noticed one of the pieces of leather attaching the braided portion of the strap to the metal ring had broken!!! :crybaby:.

    Normally I wouldn't care, I mean, the strap still works - but this bag has serious sentimental value. My brother is only 16 - so he saved and pooled all his money together to buy me this bag - it means a hell of alot to me. Unfortunately I live in upstate NY now by school, so the nearest COACH store is a good 2 hours from here. So I called Filene's, because they come up as a COACH retailer when I searched the store locator at - and Filene's told me since I never registered my bag there was nothing they could do for me :wtf:. So I took matters into my own hands and called corporate COACH directly, and let me tell you the rep was SO nice. I told her I wanted the bag repaired and she said "why??? The bag is 4 months old and is already falling apart, it must be defective. Send it to our return department and we'll send you a new one :yahoo:". I'm really impressed with how she acted - I've had problems with defective Louis Vuitton bags that cost 4 times this amount and they've given me utter hell. Hopefully this isn't a fluke account and I'll get either a new bag or my bag repaired in a timely fashion. Wish me luck - and I'll keep you guys posted!
  2. Yeah...Coach is really great about that. My mom had some threads showing on her signature stripe swingpack after just a few weeks of having it. We stopped into a retail store and they orderd her a replacement and had shipped to her house next day because they didn' have any in the store. Mom couldn't understand my wlillingness to spend so much money on coach until I explained their great service....I converted her before she had a problem...but now that she's experienced it she's tryly a believer in the value!
  3. I'm so happy they sound willing to make it right :yes: Keep us posted :smile:
  4. Livin that bag is so gorgeous & I love the size. Coach is so great, I love that they hold their word!! I can't believe Filene..did they just ask if you registered the bag or were they able to pull up that information?
    On the ebay board they were talking about how registering our bags was a waste, well I guess not.

    Shelbell my mom won't convert..well she will if I buy. LOL. So, for holidays & special occasions I buy her a Coach or Dooney.
  5. They should be able to replace it. Just bring it to the store and show it to them. That is one beautiful bag! You have a great brother!
  6. Kathyrose, I sent the bag to the repair shop in Florida as directed - hopefully I'll get her home in one piece!!!

    Pursefanatic, I'm not normally a Coach fan - but I loved the large hobo with the braided strap - so much that I actually have two! A black on black and a brown on brown:
    As for Filene's - they asked me if I had registered it.
  7. Coach will definitely fix or replace the bag. I have sent back a bag with a broken strap and they sent back the bag with a new strap. Also sent one in that was really falling apart from my abuse it was 10 years old they totally fixed it and sent it back. I think I paid $20.00.

    Say what you will about having a more expensive designer bag but, Coach stands behind their product!
  8. ^^^ see, I don't think I should have to pay anything (besides the $10.00 it was to ship it) - the bag is 4 months old and used maybe 10 times - the strap shouldn't have done that.
  9. I am sorry to hear that it broke, it is soo gorgeous. I love the large hobo. At least you will get it replaced. Your brother is so sweet!
  10. I'm happy to hear that Coach is being reasonable about the repair. That's a cute hobo, I hope that you get it back soon!
  11. ^^^ haha thanks. I was so affected by sending the black away that I carried the brown today :P
  12. I don't think you need to register w/ department stores to take it back for a repair. I'm pretty sure if you take it to any coach stores, they'll send it to their repair department and repair it for you.
  13. In mom's defense...she can't afford anywhere close to my collection...but I buy her coach gifts and she buys from the outlets sometimes....but the only reason she even considered is because of me telling her how coach stands by their product. She was sad that HER first coach store purchase had a problem...but she's so happy with how they took care of her. And I was too since we weren't even at a store where I'm a regular and they know me!
  14. I don't think we should pay anything either but it's the way it is and I'm trying my best not to have any bag sent off for repairs. especially since your bag is a few months old only. I hope it comes back as good as new!!!
  15. I had a Coach Zebra GAllery tote, and the patent leather became discolored. Had never been used, sat in the dustbag.
    Paid full price, but when I took it to Coach, they told me it probably would not be repaired and Coach would only give me a credit for the current selling price, which is only 60% of the original price. I ws less than thrilled

    But the point of this post was: LOL

    They waived the 20.00 fee because I took it into the store, so find a Coach store and raise hell :censor: :graucho: