My bag arrived and I am a bit concerned!!

  1. Hello all,

    I just received my beautiful Mogano City although I do have a few concerns and I am hoping someone might be able to ease my mind. I have noticed a bit of the leather edging seems to be ditached from the bag and a few of the leather tassels seem to be coming apart. Also, where the name plate sits, the stitching doesn't seem to be all that tight on one side. Have any of you had this happen with your b'bags? I have tried posting some pics but all my pics are around 2MB and I think they might be too big to load.

    I bought her from Aloharag and the customer service was really good. Also, I was told that this was the best of the few they had left in terms of the leather I wanted. I really don't know what to do :confused1:

    Thanks in advance!
  2. I managed to scale down some pics of the parts of the bag i'm a bit concerned with.



  3. Split tassels are common. When I bought a FW06 Marron Day from my local Balenciaga boutique, the tassels were already splitting and split completely upon first use. I don't mind, though – I love split tassels.

    As for the stitching... this is Balenciaga, not Hermes. Usually at this price point, quality isn't all it's cracked up to be. If such details bother you, then you should return the bag, although I'm not sure whether such minor flaws count as not being of "merchantable quality" (i.e. manufaturer's fault). If they are not considered flaws by Aloha Rag, you would need to pay for return shipping.
  4. Like Roxane said, all the tassels on bbags eventually split. (There are lots of threads about this!) In fact ,I was just at a boutique that sells bbags yesterday (new bags, and a legit retailer) and noticed the majority of their bags already had split tassels! I wouldn't be worried about the metal tag either.

    The middle picture is harder to see- it looks like a tear or major scratch, but I can't really tell if that's the case. If it's more of the suede underside that's exposed at the seam, that's also pretty typical.

    However, I understand your concerns, considering that you still spent a lot of your hard earned $$ on this bag. If it really bothers you, I'd call or email aloha rag and see what they say.
  5. If it really bothers you, I would call and get authorization for an exchange. I mean its your hard earned money, you should be satisfied with your purchase.
  6. i totally agree! i don't think because it's not an hermes that it should have crappy stitching and that you shouldn't expect more!!
  7. definately exchange if it bothers you, I want things to be perfect no matter how much I spend.
  8. miss_cherie, I can't tell what the first picture is of.

    The second picture is the sealant/glue stuff coming off. Even if (and that's a big IF) you were to find a bbag where this has not happened yet, then it will happen with use. (With the newer bbags, that is.) There are a couple of threads about this. I'll try to find them.

    In the third picture: this is exactly how tassels are supposed to look IMO. They look like a *leather sandwich* LoL ... slightly smooshy with fury stuff inside. My tassels look like that as well and have not split after a year of daily use. Some tassels split, some don't. I guess mine won't. Even if yours does split (or are split and I just didn't see it right), you could always glue them back together with flexible leather glue.

    All in all, I am sure your mogano is beautiful. I have loved all the ones I have seen here! BUT if these issues bother you, that bbags might not be for you. They always have something going on, be it tassels splitting, glue coming off, handles darkening, crooked stitching, yellowing on lighter bags, fading, ect....
    BalNY, for example, refuses to admit these are issues and will barely take any bag back, even if something is clearly wrong with it.

    Woah, I am painting a bad picture of Bal, but it is the truth! These bags are not perfect (at least not the ones after 2005)!

    Good luck making a decision! I would probably keep the bag, but it really is a personal decision!!

    here is a post about cracking sealant
  9. They don't all split. In fact only a few of my bags have split tassels. Some of my real oldies have perfect ones that looks like they will never split. :yes: It seems like some of them come out spongey, which leads to splitting. I wish I knew why.
  10. Murphy, lucky you!! What's your secret to preventing them from splitting? I thought the purpose of the extras was because they all eventually split, and then rip. :push:
  11. sunny07, I don't think there is a secret (except for gluing them back together with flexible glue, of course)! IMO it is about the glue and/or the material that was used to make them. Some tassels are really thick, some are very thin, some look like a sandwich with fluffy stuff inside...
  12. well i would look at the leather, if you absolutely LOVE the leather, keep it, the leather is the most important of all.
  13. I think if it bothers you then return it. However, you may end up getting another bag with different issues. I don't sweat the small stuff....KWIM.

    Enjoy her!
  14. ^^^ I agree.. Bbays quality control are not the best. But if u think u can live with it keep it. Save the shipping. If not send it back..
  15. even between my s/s07 and f/w07 bags, they vary plenty :shrugs: the s/s07 tassels are thin, very flat. the tassels of the f/w07 are thick and spongey, or like what simmmchen's said: "sandwich with fluffy stuff inside", almost like miss_cherie's but not so spongey. actually makes me wonder if lambskin or goatskin is supposed to be like that :confused1: