My bag and wallet collections - Pics

  1. I finally got organized and got the camera to work. Here is my small but growing collection of wallets & accessories.
    Small Accessories.JPG Epi Ivoire Ludlow Wallet 1.JPG Mandarin French Purse 1.JPG Multicolore Pochette MM 3.JPG Mat Wallet 2.jpg
  2. Beautiful! I love the diversity of your collection!
  3. And here are my bags. Nothing spectacular compared to other TPFers here but I love every single one of them. As you can see I'm a fan of the Monogram Mini and Mini Lin collections and anything that is subtle. Hoping to get a Epi and Suhali bag one day. Couldn't post the picture of my Montaigne Clutch.
    Mini Josephine 2.JPG Mini Francoise 2.JPG Marina PM Blue 3.JPG Sunset Boulevard Amarante 3.JPG Motard Pochette 1.JPG
  4. nice collection, I love the motard!
  5. Lovely collection, I love the Sunset Blvd
  6. Gorgeous! Love the Motard, Mini Lin Croisette, and the Vernis...:drool:
  7. LOVE the MC!
  8. So pretty. Lovin' the MC too!
  9. The Motard is too hot!
  10. i adore the epi mandarin, you're so lucky to have one. i also love the montaigne in white. i don't trust myself enough to carry a white LV. you have a special collection.
  11. Nice collection. It's bigger than mine! I love the vernis. It's gorgeous.
  12. Cute! I love the vernis!!!
  13. cute bags

    thanks for sharing :smile:
  14. i love you multicolor pochette!

    thanks for sharingg!
  15. I love your collection. Can i steal some? lolz.