my bag-a-day challenge!

  1. so, while moving all my bags over to SO's recently, i became painfully aware of how many bags i own that i just don't carry very often, or haven't carried in forever. so i decided to try and put them to good use and starting today, will wear one bag a day until i've used them all. i think i can go about three weeks :smile:

    today's: Andrew Marc Madison Hobo (got it in January this year)



    anyone else want to join in? :smile:
  2. beautiful...
    amazing what you have in your closet...ha ha
  3. lmao!
  4. [​IMG]

    Today it's my Lauren Merkin Dylan bag - worn messenger style.
  5. I love your challenge! Everything in your closet should be loved and have its' day in the sun.
  6. thanks queenmab! that's exactly what i think! i definitely have my favorites, but i do love each of my bags and think they deserve to be carried.
  7. Great idea! I was just thinking I should do something like that. I don't like having more bags than I use regularly, especially the most pricey ones.
  8. great ideas...I wish I have that many bags to wear for everyday.
  9. I love when bags get new life!!!!!!
  10. What a great idea! I hope you continue posting pics!
  11. I've been doing it this entire month, and it's getting pretty annoying by day 17.

    Good luck!
  12. day three :smile: (July 18)

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Anna Corrina mini city tote in rust
  13. Ooooo great thread, I'm dying to see what else is in your closet.
  14. Great thread! Can't wait to see what you find for tomorrow! I'm using all of my bags too!
  15. love that bag? where did you buy it?