my bad habit now involves LV!

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  1. smoking kills, i know. but this case is :yahoo:
  2. Image022.jpg
  3. I love your cigarette case, but please stop smoking ( I stopped 16 years ago myself).
  4. art0ofwar, your signature cracks me up! great cigarette case!
  5. Nice! Congrats!
  6. thxs!!
  7. i love it!
  8. nice I think I want one=P
  9. QUIT SMOKING hey if you do that leaves more money for LV and i thing the case would make a great ipod or cell phone case if you do. But anyway its nice as they always are. =D
  10. I agree with all of this. Please quit smoking; we want you around here on tPF in 40 years when we're all doddering old ladies & gents comparing our new LVs with the vintage stuff that we bought way back in '08. (Plus you don't want to get all your lovely LV purses all stinking of smoke.)
  11. Nice ciggy case, Zippo lighter & BMW key!
  12. Congratulations,
  13. so sexy, that case is fantastic and they look like dunhill blues...CLASS
    also the zippo gives it a nice touch and im thinkin the bmw opens up a 7 series
  14. I love this case!!

    But smoking isn't just a bad habit - it really kills... I've seen my uncle going through this...
  15. You're a riot, lol. please quit smoking, if not for your health, for your vanity, it affects your skin and voice and wallet!

    I found this online smoking calculator, it's fascinating. I think it's US dollars though so you'll need to do a conversion.