My bad experience, and a few questions (long)

  1. Ok, so this is a long story, followed by a couple of questions. First my story- I have been saving up for a Rolex for 5 years. I graduated from college in May, got a very good paying job, and I'm finally able to purchase a Rolex on my own :yahoo: I'm home in Orlando for Christmas so today my mom and I went to a very well known jewelery store in our mall to look for my Rolex. Anyway we go in, the elderly SA greets us and we head over to the Rolex cases. I start asking questions about the different types, he completely ignores me, only talks to my mom and at one point says "She's way too young to have a Rolex, get one for yourself." He was being completely serious! My mom was like "She's 22, and I don't wear watches." So I ask to try a few on and he says "Honestly, a Rolex is something you should earn, I don't think you've earned one yet," and he wouldn't let me try it on! He kept insinuating that my mom was purchasing it for me and was putting diamond Rolexes on my mom but wouldn't even let me see the cheapest one. My mom was at the other end of the counter so she didn't really hear most of his comments, but she was getting pretty mad too. I finally decided I didn't even want to speak to the manager and we left before either of us said something we would feel bad about later (even though now it's killing me that I DIDN'T say something!) I called in when I got home, and guess what? He's the manager! I am so completely appauled that I am now looking for a new place to buy a Rolex that isn't from him! I'm calling corporate tomorrow to complain! I have never in my life been treated so rudely! The thing that really bothers me is that he assumed my mom was buying it for me, and that I hadn't "earned" it yet- which is completely untrue! I can understand how a lot of people don't think parents should buy their kids overly extravagant things (such as an expensive watch or a luxury car) but I'm buying it for myself.

    Ok, rant over! Anyway, now I'm checking eBay (I know, I know, but I'm only looking at dealers that have sold TONS of high-end watches and have great feedback) because there aren't any other ADs in my town. I've found a lot I like, but a few of them are Tudor and I'm not sure what that means or why they're so much cheaper. Also, what does "overhauled" mean? Does that mean it has aftermarket parts, or just that it was completely fixed? I also checked out Jomashop but the reviews for that site are hit-or-miss. Has anyone bought a Rolex from eBay, or know of any tried-and-true sellers on there? Thanks in advance for your help, and for listening to my rant!
  2. :wtf: That was soo rude of him!! You are a customer, he should be trying to sell you things not stopping you from buying them!!! No matter what age a person is, doesnt he legally have to let a person buy a rolex?? I'm sure someone on here knows where you can be a 100% authentic rolex from a different place. Don't worry, I'm sure soon you will have the rolex you worked for. :smile:
  3. Oh that really sux! :wtf: This reminds me of the scene from Pretty World where a snotty SA would not help Julia Roberts. Then, Julia got even by showing up at that snotty SA's shop with all her day's shopping goodies. That was neat! I think when you get your Rolex, you should go back to the store manager and show off what you bought just to show him he lost a good sale. :lol: Definitely you need to complain. I'm in sales too and I believe one should never judge a book by its cover......unless I want to starve.

    Which store is this? You may want to call Rolex corporation and be connected to live customer service rep who will tell you the closest authorized Rolex dealer. This way you do not need to go to the eBay route. I never bought a Rolex from Ebay to advise on a good seller.
  4. I think you should complain to the company's corporate office. This way he will get his butt kicked by his big boss. Companies take this issue seriously, especially if they are big on customer service.
  5. I have a Tudor. It is the Nissan/Infiniti connection. I bought it almost 20 years ago. If the Rolex has been "overhauled" correctly, it will have been done with authentic parts.
  6. I agree, you should complain! Don't buy from ebay though! It's really hard to find an authentic one, there are so many fakes out there! It's worth it to find a store even if its farther away and try out different ones to find "the one" :smile:
  7. You should definitely complain; no one has the right to be an arse.

    That said, why punish yourself because of his behavior? Get the watch at another authorized retailer, even if you have to make some phone calls. He'll be a jerk either way, but you can control whether you still get your dream watch.:yes:
  8. Find another authorized dealer to buy from & file a complaint.
  9. The guy's behavior is appalling!!! :cursing:

    But to look on the bright side, you should be proud of the fact that you may have achieved the kind of financial capacity or confidence that many others at your age may not have. Which could be what led the Manager to this sort of behavior. Ignorance.

    Or, he thought he could have closed a bigger sale should your Mother have bought a diamond version..... :yucky:

    Same thing happened to me recently while shopping for my diamond upgrade. One jeweler didn't even bother to show us anything we wanted see and even told us not to bother because Diamond Prices soared so much we probably won't be buying any now.
    But we finally met the right lady and when I pick up my Ring in 2 weeks, I will MARCH back into the other store to show the first guy the sort of commission he is missing! :devil:

    Hence, I'd say to still go to an authorized retailer to buy the watch. For every nasty SA out there, there will be someone nice too. :yes: I'm sure you will find someone who will furnish you with the service you deserve as a customer...22 years old or not.
    There are too many fakes for Rolex out there really. Even the 'parts' inside the watch could be faux now! For added security, you can get Rolex Corporation to inspect the watch you buy from the Authorized Retailer sometime later when there is one in the vicinity/state that you go to. Just make sure the retailer has a return policy etc....
  10. Oh my goodness- how absolutely awful! I had an experience like that once- all the SAs in the store kept ignoring me and flocking to a very rich looking, older woman who I guess they thought would buy a bunch (because she picked up and tried on practically EVERYTHING in the store). I finally got a super nice SA to help me who had just come back from his lunch break- and I bought my two bags. The older woman said she didn't think anything was "to her taste" and walked out of the store without purchasing a thing. Inside I was dying laughing :smile: The SA who helped me said alot of the other SAs didn't think it was worth it to waste their time letting (direct quote) "young girls play dress up and try on stuff when they don't have the money to buy it." Um, hello, it's not like I'm 12! I have a job and I save for what I want! Now every time I go back in, the other SAs try to come help me but I always go back to my favorite guy. Sometimes I politely smile at them as I ask for the guy to help me.

    Don't let a rude SA/manager ruin your Rolex purchasing experience. I think it's great that you've saved up and you're going to purchase a Rolex the right way. A lot of kids now a days get Rolexes for their high school graduation, but I think it's much more special to earn it (he had the right idea, but made a stupid assumption!) So congrats to you for doing it yourself! I'm 21, just graduated in May, and I can't afford a Rolex! A few of my friends have purchased theirs from either ebay or Jomashop. They had them authenticated and they checked out. You just have to be realllly careful though. If you absolutely want to go the ebay route do your homework and buy from an established seller who has high feedback with a 99.7 or above (sorry for the arbitrary number- it's my magic number for some reason haha). But of course, going through an AD is always the safest way to go. If there's not another one near you, maybe you could call a store in another state. Make sure to post pictures when you finally get one- good luck on your search!
  11. ohh my gosh! i am so sorry that you were trated like that! Thats absolutely horrible! I would be pissed as hell! First, why is it even his business how old you are!? you are a customer regardless! I am about your age and also just bought a Rolex for my college graduation and I also paid with my own money. I would definitly complain to their corporate office, there is no excuse for him to treat any customer like that, regardless of their age...Don't be detered because you dealt with a complete jerk and idiot! I would go back and ask to be helped by another SA if thats the only authorized dealer in your area. if you call the # on the Rolex website they can tell you all of teh dealers near you. I wouldn't recomend buying your first Rolex on ebay. I LOVE ebay and buy a LOT of designer items on ebay but because of the aftermarket parts and the fact that they can switch out Rolex parts, I really think you really really have to be extremely familar with all aspects of a Rolex to even know what to look for and ask to make sure you really know what your getting. I looked on ebay first but most of them seem to have diamodn bezels added after maket and Rolex wont service a watch that has aftermarket parts....its just to much of a risk when your spending that kind of money imo. I would definitly stick with an ad but again I am so sorry that you had just a bad experience! i would have been so mad if I was treated like that. I also went with my mom and only had good experiences with 2 different Rolex deals, you just got a complete jerk...if he is so rude to customer's its more then likely others have complained about him as well....good luck with your Rolex and don't be detered by such a jerk...
  12. letsgoshopping,

    I completely agree that the SA's behavior was unacceptable. Definitely complain. I also agree you should consider purchasing the Rolex of your dreams elsewhere. I think your best bet would be to go to They don't have Rolex available online to order b/c it is Rolex's policy not to post prices online. However you can look through the Rolex website and then call up Tourneau and have a personal shopper help you out with what they have in stock.

    I would not buy a Rolex online; especially if it's your first expensive time piece. You buy the seller not the watch.

    Good luck with your watch hunt; in the end you'll be happy with what you get despite all the drama :o)

  13. That is awful behavior. I agree w/ all your other suggestions. also is authorized and authentic, I believe. I'm not really a watch gal, but there are some threads on this retailer, I believe.
  14. It shouldn't matter who is paying for the watch. You are still a customer and besides being rude he is not smart to lose a sale because he judges you as spoiled. I personally would call Rolex or do an online search to find another retailer. For a purchase that large, I'd rather go to a brick and mortar store where I could go back if I had a problem. If you are in a smaller city, there must be a larger city that wouldn't be too too far away? Congrats on saving your $ for something nice.
  15. His behavior is beyond rude! If I were you, I would march back into that store and work with another SA...right in front of his face! I am sure that they probably work on commision of some sort. After that, I would report his behavior to the district manager!