My Bad Day Just Got Better...

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  1. So today started off really early & pretty good considering im not a morning person. makes a good day sour no matter what. So as they day went on, it just got worse....EVERYONE got on my nerves! lol So...what does a girl do when they are having a bad day....BUY SHOESSS!!!
    So as many of you know ive been looking for a colorful birthday CL for this weekend....I have had my heart set on the Joli in yellow & Very Noeud in pink, but no luck as usual. SOOOOO...I have always liked the Lady Gres & I ordered the Madeline & it should be here by wed, yes, I overnighted it just in case lol
    Sorry for blabbing on & on & on & on hehehe
    Does anyone know how they fit? I ordered a 38.5...I know they stretch a bit at the toebox. I needed a 38-38.5 in the Lady Gres, plus the 39 was on pre-order.
    God I talk a lot lol is a stock pic
  2. nothing like a great pair of shoes to brighten up your day. Congrats! :flowers:
  3. Girrrl, those are perfect! I think a size 38.5 is the right size. I tried on the black satin madelines and the 38.5 was perfect for me...and I know we are the same US size. I hope you have a wonderful birthday this weekend!!!
  4. Thanks!
    I havent seen any TPFers with this shoe, which is weird because we have everything.
    What would you compare them to?
  5. Stinas- If you are still looking for patent yellow Jolis, they carry them at the Saks in Beverly Hills (310-275-4211). I couldn't tell you what sizes they had, but I had no problems trying on my size yesterday. Good Luck! :flowers:
  6. Hey stinas! I found the Jolie Noed for you in size 8. The SA said they run big b/c of the d'orsay style and you would fit in the 8. PM me for info.
  7. Those would make me feel better, too! I'm glad that you found that pop of color you wanted for your birthday. What are you going to wear with them? Any ideas, yet?
  8. I have no clue! Im going shopping later...probably wear skinny jeans with a purple shirt.
    My SA at Saks NYC was out of them & didnt find them in the system.
    just pm'd you.:heart:
  9. ^^PMd you back. I had the 8s put on hold under Stinas, LOL!
  10. LOL ill call in a bit
  11. "Does anyone know how they fit? I ordered a 38.5...I know they stretch a bit at the toebox. I needed a 38-38.5 in the Lady Gres, plus the 39 was on pre-order."

    Hey Stinas! love the shoes... i have them in black satin, and i wear a 7US and got them in 38. So a full size up for me was PERFECT. So i would suggest a full size up... =) hope this helps!;)

    also, i've already gone dancing in them, and they're sooooooooo comfy! PERFECT bday shoes...=) just make sure you put on the foot petals on the toe ball area cuz there's not enough cushion...
  12. They are so pretty! Congratulations! :heart:
    I can't wait to see them on you! :nuts:
  13. What other CL can you compare it to?
  14. :amuse:who needs flowers when you have those beauties to brighten your day
  15. Those are so pretty, I already know they're going to look GREAT on you! :girlsigh: