My back up HG bag plus interesting comparison pictures.

  1. Even though I swore up and down that I was done for the season purchasing B-Bags, I had to have this one. I always wanted a Pistachio bag, but when this came up I could not resist. Here she is:

    04 Anis Twiggy in mint condition!

    I thought I would love one Twiggy more than the other, but I think the Anis is a great color for a collection. I know that next to the Juane it does not grab the spotlight, but it absolutely has a spot in my closet. :love:
    z6.JPG z7.JPG z8.JPG z13.JPG
  2. It's beautiful and in such gorgeous condition!!

    i can see why you couldn't resist :heart:
  3. I LOVE that bag, it is gorgeous!!!!!! Congratulations, what a find!!
  4. Way too gorgeous!!!!!!!:heart::heart::love:

    LOVE this pic!!!~

  5. Very nice comparison shots.. cOngrats~!
  6. they look like best friends! Congrats!
  7. AW they look so cute together! It's like you bought a friend for your Juane. Both are gorgeous... congrats!
  8. Becca, I love that pic of anis and jaune. Great choices.
  9. ARGH they're both so lovely!! congrats!
  10. Love em! Glad you found your back up holy grail, the outdoor pic is so cute!! Congrats!
  11. OH wow...that color is stunning in the daylight!
  12. anis is one of my favorite colors. Maybe someday....
  13. That's too gorgeous! I love how beautiful both the Anis and Jaune look together! Wooooh your pictures took my breath away when I opened this page! Congrats!!
  14. Thank you all!

    Does anyone else here have an Anis bag that they use on a regular or semi-regular basis? What do you wear it with?
  15. Love it! I really like the subdued color of the Anis next to the Jaune! Very pretty!