My Back To Basics Tour Pics

  1. I went to the show last night and thought I'd share some pics!
    christina 1.jpg christina 2.jpg christina 3.jpg christina 4.jpg
  2. More...
    danity kane 1.jpg danity kane 2.jpg pcd 1.jpg pcd 2.jpg pcd 3.jpg
  3. Last One...

    I have more. I'll post the rest when I get home.
    Nicole 1.jpg
  4. How cool !!! Great pics ! thanks for sharing them.
  5. Wow! You must've had some really great seats!

    (In the pcd2 picture they must've been doing the "I don't need a ring 'round my finger" move.)
  6. Awesome pics! My sister's best friend went and he met Danity Kane (he is in LOVE with them...)

    You look like you had great seats!!
  7. great pics!
  8. Wonderful pics :smile: thanks a lot for sharing!
  9. I had a BLAST! I definately recommend you check this show out if your in a city with a concert date coming up!:yahoo: :jammin:
  10. Wow, it looks like you had amazing seats. I would love to see christina in concert.
  11. I watched making the band- I don't remember them getting their name Danity Kane- Where did it come from?
  12. I just noticed that one of the pics is messed up. I'll post them in better quality when I get home
    pcd 3.jpg
  13. Apparently, Dawn was drawing a super girl like character and Diddy Daddy asked Dawn what the character's name was and she responded Danity Kane.
  14. Cool Thanks!
  15. Great pics! Thanks for sharing!