My Baby's Handbag Addiction

  1. I'm in my 3rd trimester and finally having a girl (I have 2 boys now). She's a bit more feisty than the boys and tends to kick around a lot. Each of my babies had certain "traits" even before they were born.

    The eldest used to move around a lot but would become completely still if there were any overly loud noises (he still hates loud noises).

    The second would kick anything that came into contact with him - if I touched my belly he would kick where my hand was; he was forever kicking the stethoscope and doppler away...

    This third one seemed pretty unremarkable in that sense until I started logging on to TPF. I noticed that whenever I look at bags she goes wild. This also happens when I am bag-shopping. I think it's cute but also a little bizarre (and I'm a doctor so I know there is no scientific basis for this behavior).
    My husband and I joke about this a lot - I say it's because she'll be born a bag hag. He says it's because she's protesting my inappropriate use of her future funds:p
  2. That is too cute.
  3. :smile: Sounds like a future tPFer!
  4. lol,
    i also used my pregancy as an excuse to shop for LV, lol........
  5. Ouwww...tts too cute! Congrats on your baby gerl & have a safe delivery! Do keep us posted yah...
  6. Adorable!
  7. cute history. I bet is all the adrenaline and happines you feel when you get the bags that makes the baby go wild!!
  8. How funny! I think both your reasons are very cute. Maybe she's trying to vote on what to get, in hopes that she'll be able to "borrow" them from you later.

    On another note, I definitely find I'm shopping for handbags more now. It's the only thing I can buy that I know will fit me throughout and after the pregnancy!
  9. Congratulation for finally having a baby girl! I just had a 5 months baby boy and now I want a girl so I can dress her up and shop with her. I use my pregnancy excuses to get more bags. I told my husband that I am fat... and I fit in my clothes so bags/purses I can alway wear them. After giving birth to my son, then my excuse is all my bags were too small. That works! I got Marc Jacob and Gucci diaper bag. Don't let your husband know that I said that. wink wink!
  10. How cute!! We have a great place for her here on tPf when she wants to join us :amuse:
  11. that's too cute :flowers:
  12. That's adorable. I agree that's she's just trying to cast her vote on how you build a collection she can use in the future.
  13. That's too cute. DH would probably say the same thing! Sounds like trouble to me.
  14. Too funny - I agree with everyones reasoning too!
  15. I also have 2 boys and yes each one has their own characterists in my belly.

    Like your, my 3rd is a daughter who turned 19 months old today and during my pregnancy I was always browsing and bought several LV purses & wallets.

    When she turned around 1 year old, she is always going after my LVs and nothing else. She refuses to play with her own kiddy purses. So now that I hide my LVs them from her, she will go into my closet and drag out all my regular leather purses. I say she is a baby diva in training.