My Baby!


May 20, 2008
Hi, I'm new here and I just wanted to share my baby with you! I got this as a gift from my hubby for our first wedding anniversary last year. He actually got it for me as a complete surprise, and I really had no idea he was even listening to me when I would talk about Chloe. He lurked around these forums, he called Chloe in the UK, and purchased this bag from NAP. He originally ordered the bag in black, but when it got here, they sent him the color they had which was the "Smoke." I loved it so much, that I wanted to keep it. Anyway, as you can see he did real good!

Here is my Chloe "Betty" Large Satchel in "Smoke":


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Sep 11, 2007
Welcome to this corner of tPF! This is a fun (though expensive) place to be!
Congrats on finding... such a generous and receptive husband... May your marriage be rich in bags amongst other blessings...:P
I ordered this bag from NAP in their January sale, but i returned because i wanted a jet black bag...
but you cant go wrong with a Betty:heart:... My all-time favourite style!:love:


Jun 24, 2006
Gorgeous! LOVE the smoke, as well.. there was a darker charcoal colour they did which was too dark, looked like a weak black, but this is the PERFECT grey bag! :love:

I used to have a Big Black Betty, and still think of her fondly from time to time.. I am consoled at least by the knowledge that she went to a very, very, very good home! :graucho: