My Baby Sister is hooked!!!!

  1. She is in Panama and there is no Coach stores there. Her husband went to Chicago for business and she begged him for a Coach gift. Look what he got her. This is the pix of her new baby on her desk, at work.
    The other pix is her boy and my mother. I am working on hooking her up, got her a D & B tote to start her up on the designer purse thing.:yahoo:

    Miss them lots!!!
    04-05-07_1032.jpg 14-02-07_1345.jpg
  2. Your sister's dh bought her a gorgeous bag. She must be thrilled. Her little boy is adorable. I love that ice cream he is eating! Your Mom is a pretty lady.
  3. Wow, he picked a nice bag!
  4. I know! You would have thought that he was already trained!!:p
  5. Now that's how you get hooked!! That's a gorgeous bag!!
  6. She even arranged her outfit so she could use the bag today!!
  7. Her husband has great taste, and what a beautiful family! The smile on that boy could light an entire stadium!
  8. I LOVE that bag!!! Your nephew is a cutie too!
  9. Love that bag! Her husband has great taste.
  10. Your nephew is a DOLL! How handsome!

    My baby sis is also hooked on Coach!
  11. Thank you guys! I am very proud of them all!
  12. What a gorgoeus first bag!
    Im sure this will be the first of many.
  13. Wow congratulations.