My baby/Purse was BURNED last night!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. I have decided to actually USE my new Black Purse. I have been taking it everywhere.....including dangerous bars. and clubs. and live music venues. :wtf:
    Now I have gone out the last 2 nights. Friday- all was well. I was careful going through the crowds. (careful avoiding drunks with cigs and beer) I was careful not to lay her down on sticky tables. If I was concerned.. I just left her in my lap.
    Saturday night- I decided to do the same thing. Well towards the end of the evening as I was petting my Bbag and touching the tassels. Then I realized it. Damage has occurred!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:crybaby:
    One of the outside zipper tassels has been torn/broken. Now one of them is only a couple of inches! I flipped out and started looking carefully, when I saw that another tassel looking white- and had become hard. Almost like it was BURNT!:wtf:
    I think that although I was careful, some one must have bumped it and........:crybaby:

    I decided after that- that perhaps i must retire my Purse to her safety bag in my closet. But this is upsetting too, because I was really enjoying having my lovely Bbag around all the time!!!!!

    I did read the new tassel thread so I am thinking that maybe it will be okay. That maybe I can still take her around. I dont know. I am torn. What should I do?

    Sorry for the long rant!
  2. Oh no! So sorry to hear about your tassels. That's one of my biggest fears when carrying yummy bags or wearing lovely shoes. Thankfully, everything will be OK with the purchase of new tassels! She will be as good as new. I love the black Purse, btw. So I totally understand your rant!
  3. Oh no!!!! I always hem and haw about taking my bbags out on the town. Sometimes I do, but when it comes to actually clubbing, I usually leave them at home and opt for a "b," "c" or "d" level bag. That way, if anything happens, it's not nearly as devastating or damaging to my psyche. :smile:
  4. awe, don't sorry ashley-girl, all you need to do is call up the nyc b-bag store for some new tassles & she'll be as good as new :tender:...these bags are meant to be loved, worn & enjoyed, so don't let this stop you from taking her out on the town!!!
  5. I might be in the minority, but you need to use your bag. You spent 1k on a bag. Remember that as you put it in your closet. It's meant to be used. Things happen. Buy some extra tassels if need be, but don't just leave it in the closet or use it when you know there are only going to be 2 or 3 people around to see it. You should go out in public with it so everyone can see how great your bag is.
  6. i'm sorry to hear that. i guess you can order some new tassels now to make up for it. once i brought a brand new bag out to a bar (Coach) and some guy spit a tequila shot all over it. I know exactly how you feel.
  7. Don't put her away, luckily it was just the tassles.
    My black first has been all over the world with me, had a entire pint of guinness beer dumped on it, gone sliding across the pavement when I got out of a cab at night and so much more. I take it to clubs and concerts too.
    I condition her and she's as gorgeous and smooshy as ever. That bag means a lot more to me than all my other bbags because of what we've been through together and all the great memories, I just love it. :smile:
  8. ^^ awe, that's so sweet!!! :tender:
  9. That is so cool waif!:yes:

    ashley_brook I agree with everyone else, keep using your bag!
  10. Look on the bright side: it was only the tassles! consider yourself extremely lucky, they are replaceable, and the rest of the bag didn't get damaged!
    I also think that these bags only get better with wear, especially the black! They're meant to be rock'n'roll, you know?
  11. ^^ ditto :rochard:
  12. Oh no! At least it was the tassels, not the bag itself! I agree--these are not museum pieces. Well, they are, but...they are museum pieces to be taken out into the world and enjoyed. But, I know what you mean. I never take any of mine to the dog run, for example, for the same reason.
  13. Agreed! Would you take 1K and put it in a dustbag to sit in your closet? Of course not!

    Last night I took my black bbag first out with me. Yes, it was drizzling rain and the leather could have been soaked, blah blah blah....but you know what? It didn't. It still looks as beautiful as the day I bought it. And I looked good carrying it! So we both win.

    For 1K your bags better be tough enough to live through the worst!
  14. sorry to hear that ashley_brook!

    like the ladies said...change the tassels and keep rockin' the b-bag! but maybe you'll use a 'lower class' bag as Ozzysmom suggested for crazy nights out?
  15. aww, i'm so sorry to hear that your precious bag was burned. I would've freaked out.Anyways you should just replace the burnt tassel and keep rockin' the bag.It wouldn't be worth it to have a 1k bag to sit in your closet.