my baby is starting kindergarten tomorrow

  1. With my little girl I cried, and now the night before I am crying a little ( not all crazy pyscho crying!) but just remembering him being my little shopping buddy and hanging out with him all day. I am going to miss him! Now I am waiting for Sophia to come along and keep me company while my little man is out seeing the world. My question- will I cry every SINGLE time a child of mine starts school?
  2. My mom cried when I went to pre-school, but she was glad when my sister finally stayed!:roflmfao:
  3. I am going to be going through this pretty soon with my little one starting pre-school and I have no idea how I'm going to react.
  4. Im in the same boat as you. My little baby is starting preschool in september. :smile:) Good luck with yours!!
  5. oh, I feel for you. we are some way off, although I am thinking to sign him up for pre-nursery (does that even exist?). you know like 2 hours a day playgroup, simply bec he gets so bored at home alone with me. but yeah, it still is emotional. I am sure it will get so much better soon.
  6. Awww! I can completely understand your feelings!

    My DD (3) starts preschool next week....I have never left her anywhere before! I will be bawling my eyes out the entire 4hrs she is sure of it!
  7. My mother had a whole supermarket looking for me when I started school, she forgot :wtf: and thought I had wandered off. About 45 mins later after the whole supermarked was in uproar she remembered :nuts:.

    Hope it all goes well, and it does mean you get the opportunity to put your feet up for oh at least 5 mins!
  8. Yep, you will cry every time and do know what our darling children do? Call over their shoulder 'bye mum'! :sad:
  9. yeah my mom cried when she left me at day care....what got her crying was the fact that i just left her and told her bye and went right away to playing with the other kids lol

  10. Yes, you probably will but then you need to remember how excited your son will be in this new phase of his life!
  11. My son will be starting preschool soon and I am already crying. I dont want to even think about how I will be the night before.
  12. I cried when both of mine went, I hated it. feel for you :smile:
  13. not me, i've been looking forward to her going to kindergarten since she was 2 years old. my daughter is more than a handful, she needs to go to school!

    my dilemma, she is a "borderline" everyone keeps suggesting i hold her back until next year. i was really hoping she could go in the fall.

    she loves her preschool, but she is definitely on the immature side of her age.
  14. I felt like my heart broke a little...
  15. My BABY went to middle school this year...My other one GRADUATED high school this year.....LOL....The crying only gets worse as they get older..I swear!!!!